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2014 has been a beautiful year of change and I’m grateful for each one of you.

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3.  Tuscan Countryside Cuff

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  • I hope this cheers you up :)
Wishing everyone a great weekend! :)
Get this Cozy Headband Pattern at:
Pattern: Cozy Fall Headband

Find more patterns at
Happy hooking!
  • Where do you see yourself wearing this bright Tangerine cardigan? Would you wear this on your son's baseball practice? A party, perhaps? .
Name it and comment down below! .
Link in Bio for free pattern.
Pattern: Cute Flare Sleeve Cardigan
  • This looks nice! Another go-to gift idea! .
Head to @dabbles_and_babbles to check the complete details of this pattern! .
Click the photo for the link! 
Happy hooking!
  • What's your take on #minimalism? .
Well, I realized my tote was cramming full of things I don't even need!
 There were receipts and other stuff sitting at the bottom of my bag for the past few months. Ring a bell?
I knew I wanted to take the #minimalist route and this cute clutch is just perfect for starters. 
Having a tote as small as this reminds me to only keep the essentials. .
Do you practice minimalism, too? Comment down below! .
P.S: Don't forget to save the free pattern we made for you. .
Open the link at:
Pattern: Color Pop Clutch
  • Would you care for some tea?

This table place mat set looks perfect on our dining table. Try it on yours!

Proceed to 
to save the FREE PATTERN!

Click this now 👇 @creamofthecropcrochet
  • Simple. Fun. Timeless.
This bag is something you'd want to use every day!

Find the pattern at!

Save the free pattern we made for you.

Check it out now!
  • Pick your fave scarf style!
Which of them best suits your style?

Learn more on the blog!

Link is in our Bio.
Click it now! 😍😍😍😍
  • This bag is undeniably pretty.

You should follow @creamofthecropcrochet to see more ❤️ Click the link on their bio.

Pattern: Granny Square Knitting Bag Crochet Pattern

Follow them here 👉 @creamofthecropcrochet

Happy hooking!
  • Hello 😍
What have you been up to?

I think this new pattern from @dabbles_and_babbles looks adorable!

This would definitely up the game on my living room.

What do you guys think?

Follow @dabbles_and_babbles
 and CLICK the LINK on their BIO!

Pattern: Plant Pot Covers Crochet Pattern

click here 👉 @dabbles_and_babbles
  • New Pattern Alert! 
There are days when we just feel like trying new styles, right? 
The Wide Sleeve Sweater is so different and unique. It’s a chic new style that definitely deserves a second look.

Grab the free pattern now on the blog!

Head to:
Wide Sleeve Sweater Crochet Pattern

Happy hooking!

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