So, I must tell you… this has been such a popular post! I’ve received a lot of input and comments on social media about your favorite edgings. Please comment below and I can add yours to this list as we go. I’d love to grow this list to be our favorites. Enjoy!

10 Amazing Free Crochet Edging patterns you will love | compiled by

– Crochet Edgings –

Lately, I’ve been skipping the crochet edging on some of my more simple pieces. Sometimes I just like a straight edge. Other times, I may be working on a project that is so vibrant or simple that it demands a particular type of edging. With so many to choose from, don’t be intimidated about working those corners or trying something new. You can practice on a swatch or rip out what you don’t like until it’s absolutely lovely! With these patterns, you are sure to find something perfect for your project regardless of style or attitude. Let’s scroll down to view the edgings I’ve selected for this roundup and get to crocheting! (I’m ready to use a combination of these for my Lily’s Garden Striped Granny Afghan!)

Blanket Edging ct

This stitch combination is so pretty and works well for any blankets, linens, or towels. See it HERE.

Bow Trim Edging

I adore this Crochet Bow Edging from My Picot. Click HERE to see how it’s done.

Cupcake edging

I have a secret about this cupcake stitch pattern. No, not really a secret, but LOOK what I made from it! Cupcake Lovers Beanie & Scarf Set is a free pattern set available here:

Cupcake Lovers Beanie & Scarf Set free crochet pattern by og

Cupcake Lovers Beanie & Scarf Set

This Cupcake Edging is in Dutch, but there is a video that is easy to follow! Click HERE to watch.

Crochet Puff Stitch Flower edgingVisit Chaleur Life to see this Crochet Puff Stitch Flower edging. It is so pretty and adds lovely texture.

Crocheted Blanket Edging

I love this crocheted blanket edging from Fiber Flux and the contrast it adds for a lovely simple finish. Click HERE to view the tutorial.

Polka Dot Border

I love this Polka Dot Border from Moogly. You must check it out HERE.

Lacy Crochet Trim with Hearts

This is beautiful and possibly one of my favorites. Lacy Crochet Trim with Hearts can be found HERE.

Crochet Lattice edging border

This Crochet Lattice Edging looks ideal for many projects I make. Click HERE for that pattern.

Afghan border crochet pattern

This is a great, flowy afghan border from CrochetKim. Click HERE to view her pattern.

Elephants on Parade edging

Elephants on Parade crochet edging is fantastic and very clever! Visit BakingOutsidetheBox HERE.