Kittens Blanket made by Simply Collectible | Original Designer is Unknown | Free Pattern is linked

Honestly…. Cutest Kittens Blanket?

Need I say more?

My family is nearly obsessed with kitties of all types. One of my first designs was this Amigurumi Kitten in 2010. Pictured are two of the first three original ones I made.

Amigurumi Kittens by Simply Collectible | Pattern is on Ravelry

Naturally, when my son saw this blanket, I knew I had to make it. At the time, I had loads/ bags/ drawers full of Red Heart Super Saver and I let him pick the colors (listed below) and the order he wanted them in. (I was nervous about the colors, but he did a great job choosing the colors for the Striped Stash Buster Blanket so away I went.)

The Striped Stash Buster Blanket Free Pattern by Simply Collectible

I’d found a few patterns out there for this Kittens Blanket; I was assured it has been around for quite some time. I chose to work down 2 rows instead of one to make the ‘front legs’ a little longer thinking the kitties would be more defined.

This pattern works up very quickly and is instantly gratifying. Working down two rows as opposed to one gives the impression of being a granny square. Maybe it’s the size of the opening that’s left, but I just love it. Super simple and comforting in a repetitive way; wonderful for those times you just want to crochet and not have to count. Since we used strictly Red Heart, the colors worked really well together. Isn’t it wild?

We love this blanket!

What do you think?

Kittens Blanket made by Simply Collectible | Original Designer is Unknown | Free Pattern is linked

Here are the Red Heart Super Saver Colors I could find.

Blue, Black, Amethyst, Bright Yellow, Carrot, Country Blue, Delft Blue, Gold, Pumpkin, and more.  The color names I cannot find are the Red, Grape, Lime and Burgundy.

Find the Cuddly Kittens Blanket pattern by clicking HERE.

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