Catnip Pouch Cat Toy | FREE Pattern by Simply Collectible

Catnip Pouch Cat Toy Crochet Pattern

Just like their humans, kitties (and doggies) need plenty of play time and exercise to relieve anxiety, strengthen their bodies, have productive sleep and bowel movements. Keep your fur babies healthy. To read more about the importance of playtime, click HERE.

Cats do not see in color, but blues and greys stand out best for them. Using these colors may encourage them to play a little more.

To read more about cat vision HERE.

Materials Needed:

Red Heart, worsted, 1 oz.
4” Scraps for teaser
Yarn needle


ch- chain
beg- beginning
sc- single crochet
inc – increase (2 sts in ea)
ea- each
st- stitch
sts- stitches
sl st- slip stitch
sk- skip

Pattern is worked in a spiral from the top and work down. Use your stitch marker to tell you where your row ends and where it begins. No fastening off until end. R35 starts down the side. Do Not sew pouch closed completely or you will not be able to put catnip in.

Also, Please Do Not use scrap yarn to fill this as I did in the photos. I learned the hard way. This can make your fur baby very, very sick.

Gauge 4″:  15 rows, 13 sts – not essential

Asterisks (*) indicate instruction to repeat across (i.e. * hdc, hdc inc in next st *)
R1: chain 2, sc 6 in 2nd chain from hook, do not join (6 sts)
R2: 2 sc in each st around (12 sts)
R3: * sc, 2 sc in the next * around (18 sts)
R4-34: sc around (18 sts) do not fasten off

Catnip Pouch Cat Toy by Simply Collectible 1

Starting Catnip Pouch:
Turn work to use stitches down the side, insert hook into stitch in next to last row (R33) and sc

Catnip Pouch Cat Toy by Simply Collectible 2

R35: sc in next 22 rows (not to end of row), chain 1, turn
R36-37: sc across, chain 1, turn
R38: sc across

NOTE: Consider adding 2 more rows to this part which will make it easier to tuck catnip into it.

Catnip Pouch Cat Toy by Simply Collectible 3

Please do NOT stuff with yarn scraps like I did on the first one. They started coming out and Murray was trying to eat them. I trashed it right away and made a new one.

CAUTION:  If you pull a string or piece of yarn from a cat’s bottom, you can permanently damage their intestines. Keep yarn and string away from your fur babies. states, ‘If your cat ever swallows string and you see it protruding out of his/her body- DON’T PULL ON IT! Call your vet immediately and get to the vet quickly. The string or ribbon can wrap around the back of the tongue or worse. When the cat’s body starts to digest the string- this causes muscular contractions making the string (or other foreign object) tighten. This tightening can turn the string into a dangerous weapon capable of sawing intestines or tissue in half.’ Read more HERE.

Stuff with polyfill or even solid fabric, sl st the top side down to start the pocket, fasten off leaving long tail.


Catnip Pouch Cat Toy by Simply Collectible 4

Hold sides together flat and sew shut.

 Catnip Pouch Cat Toy by Simply Collectible 5

Sew edge of pouch down flat leaving small end open to tuck catnip into.

Catnip Pouch Cat Toy by Simply Collectible 6

SECURELY tie in several scraps of 4” yarn into random stitches to act as feather teasers.

Catnip Pouch Cat Toy by Simply Collectible 7