One day, I just needed to keep my hands moving and I had this small bin of cotton so I started making these flowers. We went on a road trip and I made about 5 of them, stacked them in the cup holder and realized the size was perfect. The cup holder liner (or car coaster) was born. I have so much cotton yarn and this is only what I had set aside to make Toddler Frisbees.Cotton

Flower Cup Holder Liners by Simply Collectible

Believe it or not, a LOT of designs are happy ‘accidents’ or birthed from fidgeting. I normally stuff paper towels in there to absorb condensation or make it easier to clean the dust out. Dust and hair always seems to collect in there. Yuck! So, for this particular flower, I used an H-hook with 100% cotton yarn and followed the pattern for the flower.

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