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How to Make a Crochet Shawl Toggle

Photo tutorial & Video below

This diy tutorial will show you how to make a crochet shawl toggle that will allow you to extend the variety of choices to style your crocheted wearables. This shawl toggle also works for knit, but you may prefer to practice with lacy, open mesh designs for the toggle to fasten. I first started making these in 2012. As a matter of fact, these images are from the second time I ever made them. Since then, I’ve used them with many different shawls, scarfs, and cowls. Here are a couple of examples. Basically, you use it as you would a cufflink! (Thanks for the analogy, Diana!)

Christina Gehring says, “I see a toggle making project with my granddaughter on my horizon! My granddaughter loves to wear shawls. I’ve been hesitant about getting a four year old a shawl pin. She adores making things with fimo and would make beautiful toggles for her shawls. This is a perfect solution! Thank you so much for posting this Celina Lane 🙂

The following Everyday Triangle Scarf is a new one-skein pattern. This beautiful accessory is just wide enough to tie loosely, but for an exact fit, use a crochet garment toggle in the back!

Simplicity Triangle Scarf free crochet pattern by 2

Pattern COMING SOON. Be sure to sign up for updates at the top of the page.

The next mini shawl is Coraline in Rio which you can find here:  Notice the way it’s wrapped as a cowl? You can see that I rolled it and folded it around the neck using this exact crochet shawl toggle to hold it in place. Folding it makes for gorgeous rings accenting the texture of Coraline in Rio.

Coraline in Rio Mini Wrap crochet pattern by Simply Collectible

The following is Coraline in Spain- a new shawl pattern to be released here July 2017. (Check my Free Patterns Page if I have not updated this page.) Coraline in Spain felt a little more delicate so I was able to use larger, flat buttons to fit in the folds at the chest. Placing the toggle higher would keep the chill off your chest on a cooler day.

Coraline in Spain by Celina Lane, - a free crochet pattern

Crochet Toggle tutorial by

The materials required to make a crochet shawl toggle should match or at least fit your project and stitches. You can make a few ahead of time or wait until you have the completed project to measure the spaces so you can choose the right buttons. In this case, I’m working with mesh or lacy pieces and I had buttons to fit. Also, I’m using a strand of the exact yarn I used with Coraline in Rio.

So, you’ll need a yarn needle, yarn, buttons, and scissors. (Use the video and check out the closeups and transcript below!)

Thread the yarn through the yarn needle with both ends of the yarn so you have a loop. Then thread the needle through the front of the first button and through the back of the second button. Thread the needle through the front of that second button and through the back of the first button. The looped end will be left on the outside of the first button as shown in the next image. Be sure to leave a space the width of your thumb between the buttons. If you are using a chunky project, you will probably want more space and larger buttons.

Crochet Toggle tutorial by

Pull the needle through the end loop. Be sure to keep the inch space between the buttons. You can now pull the yarn taut and begin threading back and forth to create your toggle!

Crochet Toggle tutorial by

Sew back and forth, through the button holes, 3 times. Thread the needle back to center (between the buttons) and through the yarn piercing it with the needle so it stays in place. Be careful that it doesn’t end up too stiff or bulky. You want it to be malleable and shift a little in your piece.

Crochet Toggle tutorial by

I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial! Tell your friends about this fabulous shawl toggle. Send me your toggle pics or pics of how you used yours! I’d love to see it.