Lovey Shells and Chevrons is a beautifully textured lovey that is quick n easy to make with this Crochet Lovey Pattern just in time for a perfect baby shower gift. You are going to love the feel and ease of working with these stitches. (Video explanations of how to work these stitches and how I wrapped the lovey are linked in the pattern. Sign up at the very top to get the notification via email or check back when you need that info.)

Crochet Lovey Pattern

Crochet Lovey Pattern - Lovey Shells and Chevrons - free crochet pattern by Simply Collectible

I was inspired by Red Heart Yarns Baby Hugs to make Lovey Shells and Chevrons mostly because of the softness of the yarn. In working out several stitches with it, I knew I wanted the piece to pop with shadows and contrasting stitches. You must work with this yarn to feel how lovely it is. My favorite part is that it is certified chemical free! That is perfect baby and for those of us with with compromised immune systems. Rest assured that they aren’t just baby colors.


Yarn – Red Heart Baby Hugs, medium worsted weight – 4.5 ounces, 247 yds/ 225 m

Materials- K/ 10-1/2 6.50mm, hook, scissors, yarn needle

Difficulty – Intermediate

Size – 21″ length x 11″ chevron with / 12″ shell width

Measurements in Pattern –  The opening is 7″ long.

Gauge – HDC 4″ = 13 stitches, 8 rows

Stitch Guide in American Terms

WS – wrong side
SC – single crochet
HDC – half double crochet

Notes:  Lovey Shells and Chevrons is one piece seamless piece worked flat from the bottom up. Half double crochets at the beginning and ends of rows are worked under both loops while half double crochets within the chevron are worked in the 3rd loop only to create ribbing.  Turning chain does not count as a stitch. Chevron multiples are 12+2. Shell multiples are 6+1. Shell side is slightly wider than the chevron side.
Here is a video How to Crochet Chevron Ribbing – working in the 3rd loop.


Chain 38
R1: WS – 2 hdc in the 2nd chain from the hook, * hdc 5 (in the next 5 chains), skip 1 chain, hdc 5, 3 hdc in the next chain, repeat from * 2 times, hdc 5, skip 1, hdc 5, 2 hdc both loops in the last – total of 37 hdc.
R2: Chain 1, turn, 2 hdc (both loops) in the same as the turning chain, * 3rd loop only, hdc 5 (in the next 5 stitches), skip 2, hdc 5, 3 hdc in the next, repeat from * 2 times, hdc 5, skip 2, hdc 5, 2 hdc both loops in the last – 37 hdc.
R3-21: Repeat row 2.

Use both loops for the remainder of the pattern.

R22:  Chain 1, turn, sc 2, * hdc 3, dc 3, hdc 3, sc 2, skip 1, sc, repeat from * 2 times, hdc 3, dc 3, hdc 3, sc, skip 1, sc – 37 stiches
NOTE: Your piece is fanning out now. This is part of the design.
R23:  Chain 1, turn, sc 37 across.
R24:  Chain 1, turn, sc 8, chain 21, skip 21, sc 8
R25:  Chain 1, turn, sc 8 in the loops, sc 21 into the chain loops, sc 8 in the remaining stitches – 37 sc.
R26:  Chain 1, turn, sc, * skip 2, 5 dc in the next, skip 2, sc, repeat from * 6 times – 6 shells.
R27:  Chain 2, turn, 2 dc in the same as the turning chain, * skip 2, sc, skip 2, 5 dc in the next, repeat from * 5 times, skip 2, sc, skip 2, 3 dc in the last – 37 sc
R28:  Repeat R26.
R29:  Repeat R27.
R30:  Repeat R26.
R31:  Repeat R27.
R32:  Repeat R26.
Finishing:  Fasten off and weave in the ends.

I hope the video was helpful and that you loved this pattern. Thanks so much for coming by!