Penelope's Flirty Scarf - free crochet pattern by Simply Collectible 2

Penelope's Flirty Scarf - free crochet pattern by Simply Collectible 2

Penelope’s Flirty Scarf

Penelope’s Flirty Scarf is so versatile that it can be worn in so many ways, including a scarf or turban. Within 2 to 3 hours, you’ll have something lovely for a bridesmaid or a picnic. You’ll find the pattern is written in such a way that you can modify the width or length very easily to suit your size or outfit. Imagine adding fringe!

Customer Appreciation:
“I’ve been looking for a shawl to crochet for my wedding in May- I want one that will be long enough for a shawl but also broad enough for a veil, or a head covering during the wedding. Most are too heavy but this is so lacy!
I will also make a shawl for my sister who is my bridesmaid. Thank you!”

Penelope's Flirty Scarf - free crochet pattern by Simply Collectible


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Materials Needed


1 ball of I Love This Yarn or Red Heart With Love – 4 medium – 4 ounces
Q-hook 19/ 15.75mm
Yarn Needle


ch- chain
fsc – foundation single crochet
sc – single crochet
dc- double crochet
st- stitch
sts- stitches
sk- skip
yo- yarn over

Special Stitch

Fsc – ch3, insert hk into 2nd ch from hk, yo, pull up lp, yo, pull lp through 1st lp (2 lps on hk), yo, pull lp through both lps on hk*. 1fsc complete. To continue insert hk into “chain” from previous fsc (bottom lp), repeat from * to * until all fscs are completed.

Gauge – not crucial for this pattern

Special Instruction

Pattern is worked back and forth without seams. Work in multiples of 2+4. The turning chain counts as a stitch. All double crochets are worked in the front loop only with the exception of the last double crochet of the row being worked in both loops of the 3rd ch of the turning ch.

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The Pattern

Row 1: Fsc 17, ch 4, turn

Row 2-29: Sk 1, dc, *ch 1, sk 1, dc, repeat from * 8 times, ch 4, turn – 9 sts

Row 30: Sk 1, dc, *ch 1, sk 1, dc, repeat from * 8 times, ch 1, turn – 9 sts

Row 31: sc across using both loops in each st across, fasten off, sew in the ends

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Penelope's Flirty Shawl - free crochet pattern by Simply Collectible

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