My name is Celina Lane and I own Simply Collectible with proceeds benefiting my son's education and therapies.10 Random Things About Me

I’ve been watching my friends write 10 Random Things we didn’t know about them and I knew I had to do this, so here goes. Honestly, it was too much fun to see how similar or different we are- from sensitivities to the places we live.

1)  Apparently, when I have a head cold, I do things that soothe me. Amongst those things are cooking things that are new to me, writing patterns (for the math) and watching lots of NOVA. Yesterday, I fried sweet potato chips for the first time and started two new patterns.

Sweet potato chips are so easy to make. Even with a fat head cold, you can't mess them up.

2)  I’m learning to tat- not ink on people’s bodies, but with needle and thread. It’s not good, but it’s consistent and I’m happy with that for a first try.

My first tatted sample. It's not blocked and it's not very good, but I will conquer!

3)  I worked in theatre for 20+ years, trained in musical theatre, improvisational comedy and children’s theatre.

4)  Reading is not my best activity. My thoughts run over the subject I’m reading and my eyes track back and forth across the page so I lose my place easily. It helps to use a bookmark, but I still think reading is too slow.

5)  As a young girl, my speech was delayed, but I got in trouble for talking ALL THE TIME.

6)  My favorite colors to wear are black and charcoal grey.

I have tons of black yarn and I drink my coffee black.

7)  I can’t allow 2 minutes to pass without being busy doing something and often have more than 3 major things going on at once.

8)  My favorite instrument is the oboe, though I cannot play reed instruments. I played trumpet and french horn intermittently for a few years.

9)  I want to experience the culture of every country possible for one year, though I am definitely Texas proud. Imagine the compassion we would have for one another understanding where we come from.

Texas Proud.

10)  I’ve been collecting Heart Rocks since my son was born. My husband found this one at Enchanted Rock, but it didn’t fit in my pocket and we aren’t allowed to removed objects from there anyway. I was having a particularly challenging week and GOD shows me Heart Rocks as HIS promise that HE’s got my back!

 Largest Heart Rock I've encountered - at Enchanted Rock