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Straight From the HeART – Rebecca Dent

Straight From the HeART – Rebecca Dent

Straight From the HeART – Rebecca Dent

Experiences shared here are contributed by real people. Nothing has been edited aside from maybe the order it was presented to homogenize the story from actual conversations. Some images belong to the contributor and are posted with permission from the contributor. Other images may be stock photos. Contributors may or may not disclose their real names. Identity is always protected when it is necessary to do so. Some experiences may be shared anonymously so the contributor may be true to their hearts desire.

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When I was little all of my Grandmothers would crochet, knit, quilt, can food. You name it they could do it. They all tried to teach me but I was much more interested in being in the woods exploring or doing whatever my Grandpa was doing. I tried to learn but I never put in a lot of effort and just thought it was too hard.

Fast forward to a few years ago, all but one Grandmother is gone and I am a grown up. I was working for a hospital that was bought out and they laid me off. I knew I would need something to do while I looked for a new job or I would go crazy just being at home all day with nothing really to do. I had just met a new friend who was a knitter and the idea was fascinating to me so I went to Walmart and got an I Can't Believe I'm Knitting knit and some yarn and learned some basic stitches. Adie answered my questions and loaned me some more stuff and I took to it pretty quick. Later around Christmas I wanted to make my sister a scarf but it was crochet so I got the yarn and Debbie Stoller's Happy Hooker book and figured it out too.

Looking back I wish I could say my Grandmothers taught me but I am glad I know how. It gives me a closeness to people who I love and miss greatly.

The grandmother who made that [doll] passed about 17 years ago. She made that one and a mermaid for me as either a birthday or Christmas gift.  It is just a doll head and body. They are called button dolls and have no legs. I have a friend whose mother in law is a junk dealer and found an entire box of those dolls not long ago so I am going to get a couple and take that doll out, clean the yarn work, and switch out the dolls. She didn't display them herself and never seemed to mind that we actually played with the dolls. My mother always tried to get me to keep it put away but I never did. The mermaid is in much worse shape and I'll have to put new amigurumi on it.I am pretty sure she made them for all the granddaughters in the family as well as barbie dresses and things like that.


~ Rebecca Dent

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