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St Patrick’s Day Beard Hats

St Patrick's Day Beard Hats

St Patrick's Day Beard Hats

My husband and I have seen a lot of beard hats and beard hat patterns, but you could see the stitching in all of them! We were just not satisfied. Honestly, we weren't even sure we liked them, but to prove I could make an awesome beard, I picked up my hook, pencil and paper- you read that right- and I got to stitching. There have been many styles and many variations, but this is the latest of the St Patrick's Day Beard Hats.

Here is an amazing picture from Samantha. Her mom, Melody Stratton is my friend on Facebook and she has helped me with so many different things. She sent me this pic posting, “Been meaning to share this for ages… my daughter in the beard I made her…. This is her third St. Patrick's day wearing it! She requested I make the hat – which is how I came to order the pattern & “meet” you. Amazing, huh?”

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She is gorgeous- beard or not.

One Size for Men, fits Big and Tall with a stretch, but also fits women without mashing their hair out of shape. There are modifications for all sizes available. This beard looks hysterical on women and children. My son is 7 and with his flannel shirt… it is a sight!

The crochet pattern is available as are the actual St Patrick's Day Beard Hats in crochet or knit hats.

For hats, I typically use Red Heart Super Saver and for the beards, I always use Lion Brand Homespun.

Finally, here's a pic of my son a couple of years ago in his St Patrick's Day Beard Hat.

Irish Beard Hat