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Straight From the HeART with Brenda Sahawneh

Straight From the HeART with Brenda Sahawneh

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Straight From the HeART with Brenda Sahawneh

I spoke to Brenda in early March when I asked a simple question about our memories connected to crochet. Several people were very open to sharing their experiences and memories. Many times they shape who we are.

Brenda says:
‘My childhood wasn't the best by far. The only time I ever really remember ever feeling truly happy was when I was spending time with my mamaw and papaw! My mamaw taught me how to crochet when I was 14. She taught me all the stitches in one day. I made my very first granny square pillow (all with her yarn), which she then bought from me for $20.00. My little sister has that pillow today and she treasures it not only because it was given to her after our mamaws' passing away, but because I made it. Now I am about to turn 50 in April. Every time I work on a project, it's like I have a little piece of my mamaw with me at that moment.

Therapy I tell ya, it's the best!

I just enjoy creating things out of practically nothing, and I like working with my hands. And I get a feeling of a great accomplishment once finished and I get to stand back and look at the work I've done.'

Brenda Sahawneh, Brenda's Crafts on Facebook

What's the first thing you ever made? Who guided you in the process? Did it lead to other projects?

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