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Straight From the HeART – Nibbles of Encouragement

Welcome to Straight From the HeART.

Experiences shared here are contributed by real people. Nothing has been edited aside from maybe the order it was presented to homogenize the story from actual conversations. Some images belong to the contributor and are posted with permission from the contributor. Other images may be stock photos. Contributors may or may not disclose their real names. Identity is always protected when it is necessary to do so. Some experiences may be shared anonymously so the contributor may be true to their hearts desire.

You are about to peek into someone’s heart. Please show your appreciation and agreement in the comments. If you wish to be a contributor, please contact me via email:

Thank you for allowing me to experience your personal HeART and history with you. You can read a little of my history by clicking here.
~ Celina

Straight From the HeART – Nibbles of Encouragement




 ‘I love that you twist a little yarn in the right direction, and it creates something.’

~ Pearl Sumpter

‘I crochet as I don’t drink anymore.

I make things to giveaway including test items.’

 ~ Colleen Burwell


“Had a friend teach me 15 years ago when my husband left for another woman. As she started to show me I had a flash back to my mom teaching me when I was 8 or 9 years old. (She passed away when I was 9.) Continued for years, then had to stop when my arthritis got bad. Husband left for another woman a second and final time. Friends encouraged me to start again.

I have and am so incredibly happy I did.

It has given me joy and comfort.’

‘crochet is therapy’

~ Eileen Jones

‘I crochet as an escape. I love to create my own world.’

 ~ Jackie Ramsdell


‘therapy for me’

~Debbie Jacob



What’s the first thing you ever made?

Who guided you in the process?

Did it lead to other projects?

If you wish to contribute to Straight From the HeART, please contact me via email:

You could touch someone’s heart.