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Awesome Reflective Gear

Awesome Reflective Gear

My family loves taking evening walks and we always carry a flashlight so this will be a bonus to catch the light from it as this yarn really reflects! Once I received Red Heart's Reflective Yarn, I immediately started on this Awesome Reflective Gear Harness for my son.Awesome Reflective Gear | Red Heart Reflective Yarn Review |Thumbs way up from A FREE Pattern, too!

He feels like a superhero in it, he thinks it's the coolest thing, and he'll wear it all day. He was 8! Score!

Reflective Safety Harness by | Custom Orders are Available |Free Crochet Pattern is Available

The picture above was taken with a flash indoors, but walking around in the evening, it catches the light now and again. This is NOT intended as safety gear. This is purely for fun. If you need safety gear, contact a local sports and outdoor retailer.

Read my Red Heart Reflective Yarn Review by clicking HERE.

Written in American Crochet Terms


Red Heart Reflective Yarn
K-hook/ 10.5mm
Yarn needle


ch- chain
st- stitches
dc- double crochet
xs- times

Completed Disc Diameter:   3.5″
Strap length is measured from the beginning of the strap to the end of the strap for a piece worked to R18:   16″

Starting in the center of the disc and working the shoulder straps, make 2 using the following instruction.
R1:  magic circle, dc12, slip stitch to the top of the 1st dc, ch2, do not turn
R2:  dc in the first stitch, 2dc in each stitch around, slip stitch to the top of the 1st dc, ch2, turn (24)
R3:  starting the straps, dc2, ch2 turn
R4:  dc2, ch2, turn
R5:  dc2, ch2 turn
Repeat row 5 – 13xs
At the end of the last row, do not ch2, break yarn leaving 8 inches to sew these together as pictured with the top-most pieces close together so the straps stay on your child's shoulders.

Reflective Harness instruction by Simply Collectible

Reflective Harness instruction 2 by Simply Collectible
Make the side straps:
R1:  Join a new yarn end at the side of the disc with a ch2 and work dc2 over the next 2 stitches, ch2 turn (3 stitches)
R2:  dc2, ch2, turn
R3:  dc2, ch2 turn
Repeat row 3 – 13xs
At the end of the last row, do not ch2, break yarn, and sew these to the sides of the disc.

Awesome Reflective Gear 2

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Kathy Kelly

Sunday 18th of January 2015

What a great idea and way to keep children safe in the dark. Thank you!