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Straight From the HeART – Leighla Miharo

Straight From the HeART – Leighla Miharo

Leighla Miharo - Crezzy Crochet

Getting to know Leighla Miharo and what moves her has been a joy! I've asked her to share some of her story and I am deeply moved by her transformation every time I read it. Art replenishes. Art saves us from ourselves. Art brings us back to life.

Meet Leighla:

‘I have known how to crochet for a few years, but only since I gave up drinking (and some other things) has crochet come to be my comfort, my anger management tool, my sanity and so much more. I have had a “colourful” past with roller coaster ups and downs and when I want to “evacuate earth” I turn to my hook and feel that the unfolding pattern is not only beautiful, but reminds me that every beautiful thing is full of “twists and turns” but in the end it's something to smile about. Then when someone comes over and admires something I have made, I usually like to give it to them [and it] doubles my pleasure (secretly it's “letting go” and being happy with that.)'

Leighla Miharo - dress for her granddaughter

I loved what Leighla said here and I asked her a few questions to elaborate and she mentioned that she really didn't have anything else to add. Then she sent me this:

‘There is nothing I think I need to add except I'm an introvert and I would like to stay “hidden” behind my hook and my story, although, I find it hard to “complete things” in general… and crochet is my pride because while each piece is “complete” I am still never “finished.”
I carved that out of driftwood from a place I felt “at peace.” (The beach)'

Leighla carved this hook from driftwood found on the beach. Straight From the HeART

I thanked her and when I mentioned the name of the series- Straight From the HeART- this is how the conversation continued:

Leighla: Cool! Is that HeART as in He Art as in God Art? Never thought of it that way till just now.

Me: Yes. I had a dream about it.

Leighla: Awesome! Well it must have been a “group prayer”… Coz that little phrase just answered mine.

Me: Really? How?

Leighla: Firstly… I was not sure if I believed in “god” anymore and it was a confirmation of God's almighty & majestic nature and how he uses anything to “talk to us”… Secondly… Since I decided to stop giving away my pieces and try and make money (just enough to supply me with more yarn hehe), it seems those who used to adore my pieces (same ones who told me to start selling) have “dropped away” and now my crochet is annoying… So i asked what am I doing this for?
PRAYER ANSWER INTERPRETATION: 1.) God still here for, with and before me 2.) Continue doing what comes naturally (from the heart) and money/no money it will work out! (Kind of like “if u build it…” Lol)
WOW! The awe and wonder that is bursting at the minute! Sorry, words can be so clumsy and not describe what I mean lol

Less than a week later….

Leighla: Hiya Celina, you inspired me to start a blog… it is still waffley lol… but I have published a post… and here you go. arohanui
Click HERE to visit her blog.

Visit Leighla on Facebook by clicking HERE.

Thank you for sharing your heART, Leighla! I look forward to hearing more from you.