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Not Granny’s Bangle Bracelet – You Made This

Not Granny’s Bangle Bracelet – You Made This

Not Granny's Bangle Bracelet Show & Tell Review

I get so excited to see what people make from my tutorials and every now and then, my heart jumps for joy!

This morning, I received a message and pictures from monziebabe about my Not Granny's Bangle Bracelet Tutorial.

It read like this:

“fab pattern…made this for myself using hemp thread & waxed cotton. really love the resulting bangle… making another following the pattern using cotton threads. thank you xx”


monziebabe's bracelet from Ravelry uses this FREE pattern by Celina Lane,

Then I rushed to see her notes from Ravelry:

“finally used some hemp thread from craft stash. 4 granny squares were big enough for my wrist. edged with black waxed cotton thread. four black flower buttons stitched to centre of each square…. very happy with my new bangle! 

really fab pattern…i am working on another in cotton thread.”

monziebabe's bracelet from Ravelry uses this FREE pattern by Celina Lane,

I messaged asking if I could feature her images:

“hi, yes, i am happy for you to use my finished pics on your blog.
i have worn my bangle all day today, and love the weight & feel of it… been rummaging through my crafty stash to see what other materials i have to try out…lol! i have waxed linen threads and have found more hemp…yay! i can’t wear metals due to severe nickle allergy, so i am making myself a good few of these. i will put up a picture of my cotton bangle when i am finished.

“funny thing is, these are the first crochet projects i have completed after i finally took the time to learn to crochet ‘correctly’! i was a knitter since childhood, but taught myself to crochet (of sorts) about 3 years ago, when my baby was 5 months old. i crocheted in the same way i knitted, so although i could muddle my way through a pattern, my tension was always way out…i bought cotton thread to try the bangle, but my first attempt failed due to my style of crochet, & poor tension… so i watched a couple of tutorial videos & tried to get the hang of ‘proper’ crochet….1 dishcloth later (it took me all day!) i tried out your pattern again….and i am so happy i took time to get it right! so, i really do have so much to thank you and your pattern for….yay! thank you!”

If you have a review to share, please comment. I'd love to hear your thoughts and share your pictures.

Find the Not Granny's Bangle Bracelet tutorial HERE.

Not Granny's Bangle Bracelet | Free Tutorial by Celina Lane,