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How to crochet Candy Corn Amigurumi Hair Ties

How to crochet Candy Corn Amigurumi Hair Ties
Candy Corn Amigurumi Hair Ties crochet pattern and tutorial by

Is it wrong to crave candy corn year round? We all have our cravings, right? Stave the craving for this treat and show them off year round.

This Free Candy Corn Amigurumi crochet pattern is to make the Candy Corn Amigurumi piece with the hair tie crocheted in so it will not slip out or to make them as decoration for a candy dish or windowsill. These will make great party favors and last for years to come. You may use this pattern to set a bowl of decorative Candy Corn on a table or sprinkle them around the sink in the bathroom during a Halloween party. They also make great crochet cat toys!

Materials Needed:

Worsted Weight Yarn in Yellow, Orange and White
Stitch Marker
Elastic hair ties
Yarn needle

Polyfill is not necessary for these amigurumi. The tails from joining the different colors will be left inside and puff it up enough to make the shape like that of a real candy corn.

I used cotton yarn as it helped the end product be more consistent. When it comes to joining yarn, I am not the neatest at it for small pieces so it made the process less painful. With amigurumi, I tend to join in the yarn and tie the tails together snuggly so they don’t slip when I stuff them. These won’t really be stuffed, but I am overly cautious and did it anyway. Also, because I tie them, an acrylic yarn has a little give and I can’t be consistent with it.

How to Join Yarn- as if you were working the last stitch of white to add orange:
white on hook, insert hook into next stitch, draw up a loop of white, yarn over with orange and draw orange through both white loops on hook.

This is where I tie the ends together, drop the white and continue with the orange. This works really well for me with amigurumi.

If you are using elastic bands for hair ties or ribbon to hang, have them ready to be worked in to the orange so you don’t have to sew and secure later. If not, simply ignore the addition of the elastic band, but don’t skip the actual stitch.

Using White:
R1:  ch2, sc4 in the 2nd ch from the hook
R2:  sc 2 in ea st around (8 sts), joining orange in to close off the last stitch of the row

Using Orange:
R3:  sc in ea around (8 sts)
R4:  inc, sc, inc, sc around elastic, *inc, sc* (repeat from * to* 2xs) joining yellow in to close off
the last stitch of the row (12 sts)

Using Yellow:
R5-6:  sc in ea st around (12 sts)
tuck in all tails, sew closed and sew in the tail.

Hope you enjoy it and know some people who will love it.

Candy Corn Amigurumi Hair Ties #crochet pattern and tutorial by

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Tuesday 1st of September 2015

These are cute!


Friday 4th of September 2015

Thank you, Rebeckah :D


Monday 19th of January 2015

These are super cute!!!

Kathy Kelly

Sunday 18th of January 2015

My great granddaughters will love these! Thank you so much for all the free patterns.

Linda Koebel

Wednesday 29th of October 2014

These are so cute. I going to make some for my granddaughters. Thank you for sharing.