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Stash Buster Blanket Customer Appreciation Pictures

Stash Buster Blanket Customer Appreciation Pictures

The Free Stash Buster Blanket Crochet Pattern from Simply Collectible

Stash Buster Blanket Crochet Pattern

One of the greatest compliments I can receive as a designer is getting your notes and pictures of what you made with my patterns. It's remarkable to see what you create with a simple set of instructions, your stash, and your ever present creativity. So when I received the following emails, remarkably within 24 hours of each other, I was delighted!

A simple note, a thank you, and a picture is encouragement enough to continue designing and enjoying the fun parts of it. Yes, I have had my doubts, as many artists do. There are days and have been days where I wonder why I'm still designing. Your comments, thank yous, pictures, and testimonies fuel my heart to continue. I don't have to wonder whether or not people are really making and enjoying what they create from my patterns.

The first email was from Kathi.

“Here [is] the photo of the blanket I made for my granddaughter from your pattern.” – Kathi of Mount Prospect IL

(Kathi's picture is below.)

Kathi from Mount Prospect, IL - Stash Buster Blanket pattern from Simply Collectible

The second email was from Char.

“I just completed your Stash Buster Blanket…and I simply LOVE IT!!! Thank you so much for sharing this great pattern. You said in the pattern post to please share our completed blankets with you, so just wanted you to see what I had done with your pattern. I made mine to fit my full size bed. I’ll admit, not all of this yarn was actual leftovers…but I think it worked wonderfully. I even tried picking colors I was sure was going to ruin the entire thing…but no matter what color I added…it WORKED! Lol Thanks again, Celina!

“…I simply LOVE the way it turned out.  And I'll be making more of these next year, might use them as holiday gifts. And it took me about 3 weeks to knock this one out, working on it in the evenings while watching TV. Again, thanks so much for sharing the pattern!”

– Char Maguire, Inverness FL

 (Char's picture is below.)

Charlene Maguire's Stash Buster Blanket - Stash Buster Blanket pattern from Simply Collectible

Such an honor to have my designs featured in someone's life as their adopted creation.

Make your own! Find the pattern HERE and share your pictures with me, please?