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12 Extremely Useful Sewing Tips

12 Extremely Useful Sewing Tips

12 Extremely Useful Sewing Tips -

Sewing Tips

Do I really want to learn to sew again? I've been going back and forth on this since when my son was born nearly 10 years ago. I have even purchased two machines and returned them because I knew I would not have time to do it. Now, I just can not get it out of my mind and I've been reading and researching tons of sewing tips and saving them on board on my Pinterest board. I've listed some of my most recent favorite sewing tips toward the end of the post.

The last time I sewed anything was about 40 years ago when my mom taught me as a child. I'd made bedding for my Barbies, doll clothes, and even made a couple of useful little pouches for myself. But that was where it ended. I don't really recall, but it may have been over a summer. So now, here I am pouring over listings on Amazon for sewing machines and I found some great starter ones. I found a couple Great Sewing Machines– I mean around 20- that I thought would work out well as starter machines. I liked some of these here, and my mom and I discussed a few.

I would really like your opinion as well if you are into sewing. Part of my reasoning for beginning to sew may be similar to yours. That is to say that I do not like, nor can I find, any dresses/shirts/skirts/anythings available that I like or fit from the racks. Not only that, but I cannot find it in myself to get rid of a pair of jeans or a coat because I know it would make a great tote or a bag. I just cannot help it. So, here I am. 47 years old, and diving back into sewing. I cannot wait! About a year ago, I signed up for Free (and some paid) Sewing Classes. There were way over 100 classes to chose from just for sewing- from bras to bags.

Craftsy sewing classes

So, back to this. My Pinterest sewing board is filling up. If you are into sewing, I would love for you to join me and help in some things. Just comment below with your Pinterest URL or email you use for Pinterest, make sure to follow me, and I will add you. I found these (links listed below) impressive sewing tips/hacks there.

Simply Collectible Sewing Board on Pinterest

I can not wait to share them with my mom all the while wondering if she will start sewing again. She says her sewing machine is in the attic, though I don't think anyone has seen it in 20 years. She tells a story of how many moons ago, while I was in school, she was sneakily going off to community college taking classes to work as a tailor. (I'm certain I was the only one that didn't know about it which is why I say sneakily.)

Here are the 12 Sewing Tips I promised! Click on the title you want to view.

Get Fabric Free or Cheap

How to Make a Dress: Dressmaking Course

Learn to Sew Series – How to Buy Fabric

Finish Seams Without a Serger

Sewing Tip: No More Stubborn Straight Pins

No Knot – No Tail

Serger Sewing Tip: Tuck Your Tail In

How to Shorten or Lengthen a pattern

Keep Scissors Sharp

How to: Gathering

Using the Double Needle Without the 2nd Spool Holder

Finishing the top of a zip: “Fiskars Unzipped”