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Express Yourself – Summer Fun! Free Barefoot Sandals crochet patterns

Express Yourself – Summer Fun! Free Barefoot Sandals crochet patterns

Free Barefoot Sandals crochet patterns by Simply Collectible CrochetFree Barefoot Sandals crochet patterns

Summer is a time of frolicking, girliness, and playtime and these free barefoot sandals crochet patterns can add some sass to the summer fun! They may look a little complicated, but I assure you they are quite simple and easy to make. There are 2 full patterns and a tutorial for sewing these teeny, bitty granny squares together to customize your own pair. With a little thread and a little time, you could have your very own pair in a short time.

“Why barefoot sandals?” “I just don’t get it.”

Haven’t you heard this from someone? I know I have! The answer is not “Why not,” but there is quite a simple explanation, but there are many answers.

  • Do you know anyone who wears anklets or toe rings? These are simply another way to express ourselves in a similar manner.
  • Upcoming summer photo shoot? Heck yeah!
  • Many brides who have beach weddings love the look.
  • Costume party coming up?
  • Just for fun!
  • Fill in the blank by commenting below with your idea!

Try them out and tell me what you think. You can find these free patterns by clicking the title links corresponding to each image. I’d love to see what you make.

Not Granny's Sassy Barefoot Sandals

Not Granny’s Sassy Barefoot Sandals

Not Granny's Gladiator Barefoot Sandals

Not Granny’s Gladiator Barefoot Sandals


Saturday 13th of May 2023

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