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Simplicity Phone Sleeve – free crochet pattern

Simplicity Phone Sleeve - free crochet pattern by

Simplicity Phone Sleeve

Last year, my go-to stocking stuffer was the phone sleeve and my Simplicity Phone Sleeve crochet pattern was the one I used the most. (I will be posting another next week so keep an eye out for that and be sure to subscribe to my blog using the links above so you can get that notification in your email.) When Marie mentioned joining the Holiday Stashdown CAL, I couldn't quite decide what to share with you, but I think this is just perfect! See, every amazing project in the Holiday Stashdown is one skein or less including scrap yarn projects. You can easily modify the size to work for different phones once you've made the first, and that only takes about 20 minutes if you're watching tv? I hope you love it!

Yarn – Worsted Weight – Sheep(ish) – Teal(ish)

Materials – H-hook 5.0mm, scissors, yarn needle

Difficulty – Easy

Size – fits most 5″ devices

Gauge – Not crucial for this project

Stitch Guide in American Terms

Sc – single crochet
Dc – double crochet

Special Stitches

Shell stitch – consists of a single crochet, skip 2, 5 dc in the next stitch, skip 2, single crochet.

Simplicity Phone Sleeve - free crochet pattern by


This pattern is worked in the round from the bottom up. Join each round with a slip stitch.


Leaving a 10” tail for sewing at the end, chain 25, slip stitch to the first chain to form a loop.

Round 1-18:  Chain 1, sc in each chain around, join with a slip stitch – 25 sc total.

Round 19:  Chain 1, * skip 2, 5 dc in the next stitch, skip 2, sc, repeat from * around 4 times, join with a slip stitch – 4 shells.

Finishing: Fasten off, sew the bottom (round 1) closed flat, and weave in the ends.

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