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Crochet Tunic Pattern or Cover-up? – Coraline’s Endless Summer

Crochet Tunic Pattern or Cover-up? – Coraline’s Endless Summer

Another absolute favorite with this crochet tunic pattern – Coraline's Endless Summer! This came as a surprise to me to hear that Coraline is still in Rio and has no immediate plans to continue her sabbatical tour around the world. I wonder if she's fallen in love? Last I heard from her, she was headed back to Rio from Rome after 3 weeks of experiencing the entire city while her beau worked. I still don't know what he looks like, but she adores him and it sounds like he enjoys many of the same exact things she does.

Crochet Tunic Pattern

Crochet Tunic Pattern, Coraline’s Endless Summer Cover-up,

They both grew up with ketchup on their eggs and watching Happy Days. They even share a favorite Twilight Zone episode and blew each other's minds when they said it at the same time. (You know the one where the guy is so glad to find out that everyone has disappeared and he's the only one left in the world? He plans to spend all his time reading uninterrupted, but he trips on the steps up to the library and his glasses fall and break into pieces? Yeah. That bites.) I think they'll be together forever!

As I thought of her hanging in Rio de Janeiro, I realize that he may be her perpetual summer. Everyone loves love, don't they?

Just so happened that in the same batch of mail from Coraline, I got this Red Heart Yarns Super Saver Ombre! It feels so light and refreshing that I just had to whip this up right away. Is it a tunic? Is it a swimsuit coverup? Yes! It's both and it's awesome. I'm shipping this out to her tomorrow. She's going to love it and I know you will, too!

Lee Neudahl Smith says,There's so many pretty tops, but most of them don't seem like something I'd actually wear. This is an exception. Love it!” (Thank you, Lee!)

Crochet Tunic Pattern, Coraline’s Endless Summer Cover-up,


Yarn – 2 skeins of Red Heart Yarns Ombre, medium 4 worsted weight, 10 oz (283 g), 482 yds (440 m) , colorway- Spearmint

Materials – I/9 5.5mm hook, yarn needle, scissors

Difficulty – Easy

Size – One size fits most Adult Small to 1x (Positive Ease)

Measurements in Pattern – Each panel is 29″ wide for a total of 58″ circumference. Front panel is 35″ long. Back panel is 37″ long.

Gauge – 4″ = 7 [hdc, chain 1] stitch combos, 6 rows

Stitch Guide in American Terms
FHDC – foundation(less) half double crochet
DC – double crochet
CH – chain

Special Stitches

FHDC – (Foundation Half Double Crochet) Chain 1, yarn over, insert hook into the first chain (2nd from hook), yarn over, pull up through the first loop on the hook (this is your first chain loop, 3 loops on hook.) Yarn over, pull through 3. * Yarn over, insert your hook into the first chain loop, yarn over, pull up a loop (this is your second chain loop- 3 loops on hook), yarn over, pull through 3. 2 FHDC completed. Repeat from * until you reach the desired number of FHDC.

Notes – Work 2 panels, flat from the top down, back and forth. Turning chain counts as a stitch. These panels can actually be reversed or flipped to match or change the way the colorway appears. For the sake of the finished product, there is no need to exactly match right sides and wrong sides. You may or may not notice that I flipped one of my panels so I have the bottom of one attached to the top of the other.

Make 2
Row 1: FHDC 110
Row 2: Chain 4, turn, dc in the first stitch (not the same as the chain), * chain 1, skip 1, dc, repeat from * 53 times across – 56 dc, 55 spaces.
Row 3: Chain 4, turn, skip 1, dc in the top of the next dc, * chain 1, skip 1, dc, repeat from * 53 times across – 56 dc, 55 spaces.
Row 4-52: Repeat Row 2.
NOTE: If you want a high-low as I made shown in the images above and below, add 2 to 4 extra rows to only one panel.
Row 53: Chain 3, turn, dc in each stitch across – 111 dc
Finishing: Weave in your ends.

Since these panels are so similar- comparing tops and bottoms- you may choose which you want to be the top. Place your right sides together. (Use the top row you selected to help indicate which is the right side.) Locate the centermost top stitch of each panel and mark each with a stitch marker. Count 20 stitches away from the center in either direction and mark it with a stitch marker. Count the other direction and do the same. Do this with both panels. (The image below shows the centermost marker on the right versus both shoulder start points on the left.)

Working outward, slip stitch 6 stitches together at each shoulder (start as shown below). Weave in the ends. Turn your piece right side out.

Next, hang your piece on a hanger, dress form, or neighbor. (Kidding about the neighbor.) The idea is to  make it easier to see how it drapes and where you want to start sewing the sides according to your body type or personal taste. Below, you’ll see 2 images stitched differently. One flows more at the hip and the other is full coverage.

Crochet Tunic Pattern, Coraline’s Endless Summer Cover-up,

You’ll notice all I did was run a long length of yarn up through the stitches to hold the front and back pieces together. It’s fairly easy to pull the yarn out one row at a time until you reach the perfect look for you.

Crochet Tunic Pattern, Coraline’s Endless Summer Cover-up, 13

I opted for the flowy opening because I’ll wear it casually as I like to sit with my legs crossed on floor or on the sofa. I also think this would look great with tights!

Crochet Tunic Pattern, Coraline’s Endless Summer Cover-up,

Now that you know the exact style you want to achieve, you are ready to sew both sides starting from the bottom up.

Crochet Tunic Pattern, Coraline’s Endless Summer Cover-up,

Use a simple wrap detail with your yarn needle and yarn by just going around the last (and/or first) stitch on either side. Finish by weaving in the tails.


Monday 6th of March 2023

Any chance you have stitch counts for larger sizes? I’m 2-3x but would love this over tanks and capris to help camouflage but 67 year old arms!! Oh please say yes!


Friday 1st of September 2017

Definitely will make this one! One for my grandaughter too. Thank you for sharing.


Saturday 2nd of September 2017

My pleasure! So glad you like it, Rita.


Sunday 27th of August 2017

Thank you so much, Diane. That's wonderful!


Wednesday 26th of July 2017

I love this Can you tell me how to make it 3x size and a little tighter stitch so it is warmer


Thursday 27th of July 2017

Hello, Jan! In the coming weeks, I'll actually be writing these for larger sizes, smaller sizes, and different stitch combinations for warmer weather! Thank you so much for asking. Please stay tuned!


Saturday 8th of July 2017

I found your page a short time ago via Pinterest and I am in love with your patterns. I am always making things for everyone else and can never find anything that I just can't wait to make for myself. Honestly, I have not been feeling the love for crochet for some time... but your Coraline patterns make me want to go make something pretty. For me! Thank you, and I hope you continue your patterns for as long as you are able.


Sunday 9th of July 2017

You are so sweet, Elocin. Thank you so much for taking the time to comment. I appreciate you so very much.