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35+ Free Crochet Dishcloth Patterns

35+ Free Crochet Dishcloth Patterns

Dishcloths are so useful and versatile in the kitchen. They're also perfect to give as gifts for holidays, housewarmings or hostess gifts. They don’t have to be any particular size, you can use just about any stitch pattern, and the best part is, you can crochet any one of these crochet dishcloth patterns anytime. 

Dishcloths are among the most basic crochet projects you can do, and if you are a beginner in crocheting, crocheting dishcloths is a great way to practice your skills. They're simple to make, they don’t need much yarn to make, and with these dishcloth patterns, you'll surely enjoy your first crochet projects. 

What I love most about dishcloths is they are crocheted in a simple rectangle. Once you get the basics down of crocheting with rectangles you can basically crochet ANYTHING with just rectangles. I even teach you how to crochet a beanie, slippers, a tote and even a cardigan and shrug using ONLY rectangles in my FREE course, Crocheting Anything with Rectangles. You can check out that class here!

Introduction to Crochet Dishcloth and Washcloth Patterns 

Dishcloths and washcloths are lovely additions to your kitchen and bathroom. They're easy to crochet and can be created using many different crochet stitches. If you are new to crocheting, these are excellent projects to try and practice your skills as a beginner in crochet. 

If you need help with any of the basics of crochet before you get started, check out my Crochet Fundamentals course. It covers everything from choosing yarn and needles for your project to basic stitches, increasing and decreasing, skill building patterns and so much more in step by step video tutorials!

Table of Contents

Why Make A Crochet Washcloth or Dishcloth Pattern?

Dishcloths and washcloths are fun projects for beginners. There are a good number of free dishcloth crochet patterns that you can find online and try. 

Dishcloths and washcloths are also small and can use simple stitches. They're a good project to practice basic crochet techniques and not overwhelming for those who are learning how to crochet. 

But my favorite part of making dishcloths is they are my go to done in a day (or a few hours) patterns. Need a quick gift? This is a great option. I have a pattern bundle that includes 90 Done In A Day Patterns that I think you would really love if you are looking for those quick projects to work up !

Best Crochet Stitches for Crochet Dishcloths and Washcloths 

Crocheting dishcloths or washcloths is a lot of fun for beginners. And you can try various crochet stitches too. Here are some of the best crochet stitches that you can try for your dishcloth projects. You can find these 9 stitches and 36 more in our Ultimate Crochet Stitch Library. We give yous step by step video tutorials on each stitch so you can incorporate into any pattern. Get FREE 2 day access to the stitches here.

Single Crochet Stitch

Single Crochet swatch

Single crochet or sc is one of the six basic crochet stitches you will learn when you are trying to crochet for the first time. It’s the basis for a lot of different stitches, quick to stitch and makes a dense fabric that’s great for getting things clean.

Double Crochet Stitch

Double Crochet Stitch swatch

Double crochet is another basic crochet stitch that you'll learn when you are new to crocheting. The stitches incorporate yarn overs and are twice the size of single crochet stitches. 

They’re really quick to stitch and are among the most popular simple stitches.

Half Double Crochet Stitch

Half Double Crochet Stitch swatch

Half double crochet stitch is similar to single crochet and double crochet and comes in between them in terms of size.

Crochet Moss Stitch

Crochet Even Moss Stitch swatch

Moss stitch is made up of two stitches in sequence, chain stitch, and single crochet stitch. It is a simple crochet stitch for any beginner but also a great stitch for advanced crocheters. This stitch is excellent for making shawls, scarves, cowls, sweaters, or blankets. The texture gives your washcloths a little more scrubbing power.

Lemon Peel Stitch

The lemon peel stitch is another lovely stitch that combines two basic crochet stitches: single and double crochet. It is done by alternating the stitches across each row. This stitch creates a beautiful texture similar to a lemon rind, which it was named after. 

Suzette Stitch

Crochet Suzette Stitch swatch

A Suzette stitch is crocheted by alternating single and double crochets. It is similar to lemon peel stitch, but in this version both stitches are crocheted in the same stitch, skipping a stitch before working another round of sc and dc in the next stitch. 

Waffle Stitch

Crochet Waffle Stitch swatch

Waffle stitch is done by crocheting double crochets and a post-double crochet combination. The raised stitch in front of the post double crochet followed by a double crochet gives it a distinct look similar to waffles.

Shell Stitch

Crochet Easy Shell Stitch swatch

A shell stitch takes the shape of semi-circles and arcs. They are made by working 3 or more double crochets (or other stitches) into the same space to create a fan, shell, or scalloped crochet stitch. It is often used as a border around patterns or in staggered rows to create a distinct pattern in the fabric. 

Basketweave Stitch

Crochet Basketweave Stitch swatch

A basketweave crochet stitch is done with front and back post-double crochet (known as fpdc and bpdc). This stitch is also done on repeated rows that create a woven pattern similar to the look of a basket. 

Grit Stitch

Crochet Grit Stitch swatch

A grit stitch looks like a moss or mesh stitch and creates a tightly textured fabric that is dense and firm. This stitch is great for washcloths, scarves, and afghans.

Common Questions About How to Crochet a Washcloth

Before crocheting a dishcloth or washcloth, you might have a few questions about what you need to get started.

How Long Does it Take to Crochet a Dishcloth?

The length of time you need to complete a crocheted dishcloth or washcloth depends on the level of your crochet skills and the pattern you are following. Some advanced crocheters can finish a dishcloth pattern within 30 minutes, but even as a newer crocheter you can probably stitch a washcloth in a day. 

Is it Easy to Crochet a Dishcloth?

Dishcloths are small projects typically made of basic crochet stitches. They are great for beginner crocheters or people who are learning about different stitches. You can make them anytime and they are great projects for travel. 

Can you Make a Dishcloth with One Skein of Yarn?

Most medium-sized crochet dishcloths can be made with one skein of yarn, or less. You can even combine leftover yarns to make a striped dishcloth if you like. 

How Many Chains Do You Need to Crochet a Dishcloth?

Like any crochet project, dishcloths begin with a chain. The number of chains you crochet will determine the width of your dishcloth. 

The average dishcloth might be 25 or 30 chains long, but it will depend on the pattern you are using and what multiples of stitches are required for the stitch pattern you want to use. 

What is the Standard Size to Make a Dishcloth?

The standard size of a crocheted dishcloth or washcloth is usually 8″ by 8″. But you can also create your length and width if you want your project to be longer or shorter.

Small washcloths are great for washing your face or removing makeup, while longer dishcloths can be used as hand towels in the kitchen or bathroom. 

Can I Use Acrylic Yarn to Crochet a Dishcloth?

Technically you could use acrylic yarn for a washcloth but it’s not the best choice. They don’t hold water as well as other fibers, and they don’t wear well when washed frequently. 

If you want to use your dishcloths as potholders or oven mitts as well, acrylic yarn can melt when hot things touch it. 

The exception to this is scrubby yarns that are designed to be used for washcloths.

Cotton and linen are generally much better choices because they’re more washable, hold up better when used, and just work better than washcloths made of other fibers.

Supplies Needed to Crochet a Dishcloth

Another great thing about crocheting washcloths is that you don’t need a lot of supplies to make them. But choosing the correct items for your project can make a big difference.

Choosing the Perfect Yarn to Crochet a Dishcloth or Washcloth

There are plenty of yarns that you can use in making dishcloths or washcloths. But if you wonder which yarns and fibers work best for dishcloths, here's what you must know.

The best kind of yarn to use for dishcloths or washcloths is 100% cotton. Cotton blends like cotton and polyester work too, as long as it is at least 85% cotton. These yarns also make the stitches pop and create the best textures. 

When it comes to yarn weight, worsted or medium weight yarn is the most popular choice.

When choosing yarns to use in making dishcloths, remember these tips:

Durability – dishcloths, and washcloths are meant to be used frequently. So choose a yarn that can last for a long time. It must withstand getting wet over and over, being used for scrubbing, and being thrown in the washer. Choose a yarn that is durable so you can use your dishcloth/washcloth for a long time. 

Color – another tip that you must remember when choosing a yarn for your dishcloth is to consider the color of the yarn. The color you choose will impact your finished product and how it goes with your kitchen decor. Yarns come in various, vivid, and happy colors so make sure that you choose the colors well. 

Cost – since you are making dishcloths that will be used daily, find yarns that are affordable but do not compromise quality. The good news is there are a lot of great cotton yarns that are affordable.

Here are a few of our favorite yarns for making dishcloths and washcloths:

Crochet Hooks for Crocheting a Dishcloth or Washcloth

When it comes to choosing the right crochet hook for making your dishcloth, you can use the one recommended on the label of the yarn you choose or what your pattern recommends. 

If you are going to use cotton yarns and worsted-weight yarns, a size H or 8mm hook works well. 

Notions and Tools Needed to Crochet a Dishcloth or Washcloth

In addition to your yarn and hook, there are a few other supplies you will need to make your process easier. 

A small pair of scissors for trimming your yarn and a tapestry needle for weaving in ends is essential. If you’re having trouble keeping the sides of your project straight, you can use a stitch marker to mark the last stitch on each side so you know where to stop stitching on each side.

Free Crochet Dishcloth Patterns

Are you excited to try your first crochet dishcloth pattern? Are you ready to try our free patterns? Check out these wonderful patterns so you can start making dishcloths or washcloths. Once you have mastered the art of crocheting these patterns, you'll be confident to make them for personal use or as great gifts to your friends and family. Scroll down for more. 

Beginner Crochet Dishcloth Patterns

Quick and Easy Crochet Dishcloth

Quick and Easy Dishcloth Pattern

Designer: Midwestern Moms
Yarn weight: (4) Worsted
Suggested yarn: Lily Sugar’N Cream

This dishcloth is the most basic pattern you can do because it’s just single crochets. Any beginner can follow these easy instructions.

Double Crochet Dishcloth

Double Crochet Dishcloth Pattern

Designer: Cream of the Crop Crochet
Yarn weight: (4) Worsted
Suggested yarn: Lily Sugar’N Cream

If you’re totally new to crochet, starting with basic stitches in projects is a great way to build confidence. This large washcloth/dishcloth is worked in double crochet stitches so you’ll pick up that stitch quickly. 

Farm House Crochet Washcloth

Farm House Washcloth Crochet Pattern

Designer: Mama in a Stitch
Yarn weight: (4) Worsted
Suggested yarn: Lily Sugar’N Cream

This project uses the fun spider stitch, so it’s a great one to try if you love learning new stitches. It’s a variation on single crochet so it’s perfect for beginners, too. 

Mama’s Easy Crochet Dishcloth

Mama’s Easy Crochet Dishcloth Pattern

Designer: Crochet 365 Knit Too
Yarn weight: (4) Worsted
Suggested yarn: Lily Sugar’N Cream

Are you looking for a simple tutorial on how to crochet dishcloths or washcloths? This pattern is excellent to do. The combination of single and double crochet stitches is pretty and the pattern is easy to memorize.

4 Quick and Easy Crochet Dishcloths

4 Quick and Easy Crochet Dishcloth Patterns

Designer: Petals to Picots
Yarn weight: (4) Worsted
Suggested yarn: Lily Sugar’N Cream

Anyone can crochet a dishcloth or washcloth. This pattern is easy for beginners, and you can whip up one in a few minutes. Check it out!

Easy Texture Crochet Dishcloths

Easy Texture Crochet Dishcloth Pattern

Designer: Maria’s Blue Crayon
Yarn weight: (4) Worsted
Suggested yarn: Knit Picks Dishie

Whether you’re a beginner or a pro, this crochet pattern is a great addition to your collection. These textured patterns are easy and you can create as many as you like to give as gifts or for personal use.

Beginner Crochet Washcloth

Beginner Crochet Washcloth Pattern

Designer: Easy Crochet
Yarn weight: (4) Worsted
Suggested yarn: Premier Yarns Premier Home

This beginner-friendly washcloth design is just what you need if you are interested in making easy patterns. It uses basic crochet stitches and creates a nice textured pattern which is great for cleaning dishes or showers.

All Washed Up Crochet Washcloths

All Washed Up Crochet Washcloth Pattern

Designer: Crochet 365 Knit Too
Yarn weight: (4) Worsted
Suggested yarn: Knit Picks Dishie

This fun washcloth is a variation on moss stitch that uses half double crochet and slip stitches to make a super fun texture that’s great for bathroom washcloths.

Half Moon Crochet Washcloths

Half Moon Washcloth

Designer: TL Yarn Crafts
Yarn weight: (4) Worsted
Suggested yarn: Lion Brand 24/7 Cotton

Try your hand at the half-moon stitch for this fun and easy washcloth crochet pattern. It’s worked by stitching several stitches in the same stitch, then skipping stitches across the row.

Rustic Cotton Crochet Dishcloths

Rustic Cotton Dishcloth Free Crochet Pattern

Designer: Jewels and Jones
Yarn weight: (4) Worsted
Suggested yarn: Knit Picks Dishie

This fun crochet dishcloth uses the Suzette stitch, which is a variation on single crochet that looks a little fancier but isn’t any more difficult to stitch. 

Spread the Dishcloth Joy Crochet dishcloths

Spread the Dishcloth Joy Pattern

Designer: Catherine Richardson via Ravelry
Yarn weight: (4) Worsted
Suggested yarn: Lion Brand 24/7 Cotton

This fun textured pattern alternates single crochets and double crochet stitches so it’s easy for beginners and will give you practice recognizing what these two basic stitches look like. They’re so fast to stitch you’ll want to make them for everyone!

Waffle Crochet Spa Washcloths

Waffle Crochet Spa Washcloths

Designer: Kate Alvis via Ravlery
Yarn weight: (4) Worsted
Suggested yarn: Lily Sugar’N Cream

This fun textured pattern alternates single crochets and double crochet stitches so it’s easy for beginners and will give you practice recognizing what these two basic stitches look like. They’re so fast to stitch you’ll want to make them for everyone!

Whispering Pines Crochet Dishcloths

Whispering Pines Dishcloth Free Crochet Pattern

Designer: Truly Crochet
Yarn weight: (4) Worsted
Suggested yarn: Lily Sugar’N Cream

Another pattern that uses a combination of single and double crochets, this easy crochet washcloth has a sweet look and a pebbly texture great for everyday use.

Pebble Beach Washcloths

Pebble Beach Washcloth Pattern

Designer: Daisy Cottage Designs
Yarn weight: (4) Worsted
Suggested yarn: I Love This Cotton

The mini bean cluster stitch is used on this washcloth pattern, which has so much texture and is really fun to stitch.

Easy Herringbone Crochet Washcloths

Easy Herringbone Crochet Washcloth Pattern

Designer: The Purple Poncho
Yarn weight: (4) Worsted
Suggested yarn: Lily Sugar’N Cream

Herringbone stitch is an interesting crochet stitch that you can add to your projects. And if you want to practice this stitch, this washcloth pattern is your starting point. 

Coffee Bean Crochet Dishcloth

Coffee Bean Dishcloth Pattern

Designer: Capital Crochet
Yarn weight: (4) Worsted
Suggested yarn: Knit Picks Dishie

One of the most interesting crochet stitches that I’ve come across is this coffee bean pattern. If you’re up for a challenge, or a new crochet stitch, this pattern is a good choice. Give it a try and create a unique set of dishcloths!

Square Crochet Dishcloths

Square Crochet Dishcloth

Designer: Stitch11
Yarn weight: (4) Worsted
Suggested yarn: Knit Picks Dishie

Have you ever worked on a crochet project from the center out? This fun square washcloth starts with a magic circle and is worked in rounds using half-double, double, and treble crochet stitches.

C2C Moss Stitch Crochet Washcloth WIP

C2C Moss Stitch Washcloth Crochet Tutorial

Designer: The Cookie Snob
Yarn weight: (4) Worsted
Suggested yarn: I Love This Cotton

If you like dishcloths that have texture, this is the pattern you need. It's a fun crochet project that's easy and quick to make in corner-to-corner moss stitch. Give it a try and see how you like it.

Jazz Age Crochet Washcloth

Jazz Age Crochet Washcloth Pattern

Designer: Jenny Catchings via Knit Picks
Yarn weight: (4) Worsted
Suggested yarn: Knit Picks Dishie

Do you want to challenge yourself using a different type of stitch? This washcloth pattern offers you that challenge. The shell stitch isn’t really hard but it does take a little practice to perfect it, which you can do by crocheting this pattern.

Solid Granny Square Crochet Dishcloths

Solid Granny Square Dishcloth Crochet Pattern

Designer: Dabbles and Babbles
Yarn weight: (4) Worsted
Suggested yarn: Bernat Handicrafter

Do you love combining colors in your crochet project? If yes then this one is an exciting pattern to try and a great way to learn how to make granny squares. Pick your favorite colors and start crocheting!

Hygge Home Crochet Wash Cloth

Hygge Home Wash Cloth Pattern

Designer: Justyna Srock via Ravelry
Yarn weight: (4) Worsted
Suggested yarn: Knit Picks Dishie

This washcloth will be the perfect & practical farmhouse chic product that you can use daily. Adding stripes to a project doesn’t really increase the skill level, so if you’ve never tried it this is a great project to get your feet wet.

Dotty Crochet Dishcloths

Dotty Dishcloth Crochet Pattern

Designer: The Turtle Trunk
Yarn weight: (4) Worsted
Suggested yarn: Lily Sugar’N Cream

This crochet pattern uses the stitch called Picot Single crochet and granule stitch, which gives it an interesting texture. It’s perfect to use in your dishcloths or washcloths, give it a try and see if you can memorize this crochet stitch!

Tunisian Crochet Dishcloth Patterns 

Tunisian crochet is an easy technique that makes excellent texture to your crochet project. It looks sort of like a combination of knitting and crochet and can be a fun transition from one craft to the other. 

The outcome of Tunisian crochet is thick and spongy, making it perfect for creating washcloths, dishcloths, potholders, cushions, and many more projects.

Want to learn more about Tunisian crochet? Check out our Tunisian Crochet Workshop!

Tunisian Crochet Washcloths

Tunisian Crochet Washcloth Pattern

Designer: My Poppet Makes
Yarn weight: (4) Worsted
Suggested yarn: Lion Brand 24/7 Cotton

Tunisian crochet is an excellent technique to use for washcloths as they're textured and spongy. You don't have to purchase a lot of materials for this project either. All you need is a good scrubby yarn and a reliable crochet hook to begin this project. 

Merci Cloths Crochet Washcloth and Towel

Merci Cloths Free Crochet Washcloth and Towel Pattern

Designer: TL Yarn Crafts
Yarn weight: (4) Worsted
Suggested yarn: Knit Picks Dishie

Another beautiful washcloth that you can make with Tunisian crochet is the Merci washcloth with a matching towel. They're intricately done and can be a perfect gift for the holidays! If you're up for a fun challenge, this pattern is a great guide to the Tunisian smock stitch.

Tunisian Shaker Round Crochet Dishcloths

Tunisian Shaker Dishcloth Pattern

Designer: Staci Perry via Ravelry
Yarn weight: (4) Worsted
Suggested yarn: Knit Picks Comfy

This pattern may look challenging but it’s really not that hard to do. You don’t have to be an expert in Tunisian crochet to create these unique-looking dishcloths! Check out this pattern and see how you do. 

Tunisian Crochet Washcloth

Tunisian Crochet Washcloth Pattern

Designer: Purl Soho
Yarn weight: (4) Worsted
Suggested yarn: Cascade Ultra Pima

This striking stitch is known as the Tunisian Simple Stitch, and it is often the first technique that people learn when they start Tunisian crochet. You can work this one in a solid color, with or without contrasting edging, or make stripes or color blocking to use up your stash.

Homespun Crochet Dishcloths

Homespun Crochet Dishcloth Pattern

Designer: Amy Minard via Ravelry
Yarn weight: (4) Worsted
Suggested yarn: Knit Picks Dishie

Does this project look like the one above? It’s still the Tunisian Simple Stitch, but with a color change worked into the return sweep it gives a completely different look that’s still really easy to do.

Sampler Washcloth Tunisian Crochet

Sampler Washcloth Tunisian Crochet Pattern

Designer: Petals to Picots
Yarn weight: (4) Worsted
Suggested yarn: Lion Brand 24/7 Cotton

Try your hook on a couple of different Tunisian crochet stitches (simple, knit, and purl) in one little project. This is a great way to boost your Tunisian skills and it makes a great washcloth. 

Crochet Dishcloth Patterns with Fun Shapes

Dishcloths with fun shapes make crocheting (and cleaning up!) more fun. If you enjoy creating unique and one-of-a-kind crochet patterns, these are some great options.

Flower Power Crochet Dishcloths

Flower Power Dishcloth Crochet Pattern

Designer: Whiskers and Wools
Yarn weight: (4) Worsted
Suggested yarn: Lily Sugar’N Cream

These cute dishcloths will definitely add life to your kitchen! They’re beginner-friendly and easy to do. Check out this pattern and create your own color combination.

Light Heart Dishcloth

Light Heart Dishcloth Pattern

Designer: Naztazia
Yarn weight: (4) Worsted
Suggested yarn: Red Heart Super Saver

Heart-shaped patterns are always cute! And adding this heart-shaped dishcloth to your home makes it more homey and warm. So why not give it a try? (Note: this pattern called for acrylic yarn but you can use cotton if you’d rather.)

Starfish Crochet Washcloth

Starfish Washcloth Pattern

Designer: Knit & Crochet Ever After
Yarn weight: (4) Worsted
Suggested yarn: Knit Picks Dishie

Another fun shape to crochet is this starfish pattern. It’s fairly easy to do and quick to learn, perfect for crochet beginners. 

Apple a Day Crochet Dishcloths

Apple a Day Dishcloth Crochet Pattern

Designer: Yarnspirations
Yarn weight: (4) Worsted
Suggested yarn: Lily Sugar’N Cream

An apple a day keeps the crocheters happy, especially if the apple in question is an apple shape crochet pattern! Check out this cute little dishcloth pattern that may be an excellent project for beginners like you.

The Sun’s Out Crochet Dishcloth

The Sun’s Out Dishcloth Pattern

Designer: Jennifer Pionk, via Knit Picks
Yarn weight: (4) Worsted
Suggested yarn: Knit Picks Dishie

Bright, yellow, and sunny, that’s one happy dishcloth! This project is a good way to learn about working in continuous rounds, which gives you a circular shape without a clear seam where the round ends.

Step-By-Step Crochet Dishcloth Pattern Video Tutorials  

Video tutorials are great for visual learners. They’re easy to follow and you can hit replay if you missed a step. Here are easy video tutorials on dishcloths that you will enjoy making.

Farmhouse Crochet Dishcloth Set

Farmhouse Dish Set Crochet Tutorial

Designer: The Turtle Trunk
Yarn weight: (4) Worsted
Suggested yarn: I Love This Cotton

Are you looking for dishcloth crochet patterns that have a rustic feel? You’ve found it! This lovely dishcloth is great and easy to make, adding a sweet farmhouse vibe to your home just the way you like it. 

Simple Crochet Herringbone Dishcloths

Simple Crochet Dishcloth Herringbone Pattern

Designer: Sugar Bee Crafts
Yarn weight: (4) Worsted
Suggested yarn: Lily Sugar’N Cream

This video tutorial guides you along the way on how to make this lovely herringbone crochet dishcloth. If you love a step-by-step guide then this video is for you. 

BONUS: Crochet Potholder Patterns 

While you’re busy stitching for the home, here are some more project you might want to try. Stitching up potholders and hot pads is another way to show off your favorite craft in your home, and they make great gifts, too. 

Farmhouse Crochet Potholder

Farmhouse Potholder

Designer: Yarn and Chai
Yarn weight: (4) Worsted
Suggested yarn: I Love This Cotton

This squishy potholder is worked in the round with herringbone half double crochet for an extra thick holder that’s sure to protect your hands.

Winter Opulence Round Crochet Hotpad

Winter Opulence Round Crochet Hotpad Pattern

Designer: Kirsten Holloway Designs
Yarn weight: (4) Worsted
Suggested yarn: Lily Sugar’N Cream

A pretty mandala-style potholder is a lovely thing to have on the holiday table. In fact, it’s almost too pretty to cover up with your hot dishes! You could also make this in holiday colors as an ornament or wall hanging.

Double Thick Crochet Potholders

Double Thick Crochet Potholder Pattern

Designer: Sewrella
Yarn weight: (4) Worsted
Suggested yarn: Lily Sugar’N Cream

You could never go wrong with a durable and thick potholder. And if this is the kind of item you’re looking to crochet, here’s the pattern that you can follow using a crochet thermal stitch. 

Front Post Frenzy Crochet Potholder

Front Post Frenzy Crochet Potholder Pattern

Designer: Look at What I Made
Yarn weight: (4) Worsted
Suggested yarn: Lion Brand 24/7 Cotton

If you’re the kind of crocheter who loves using vivid and vibrant colored yarns then you might just love this pattern. It’s easy to make and uses all sorts of colors! You can create your own color combination and see how it turns out. 

Crochet Flower Potholder

Crochet Flower Potholder Pattern

Designer: Ruby Red Eclectic
Yarn weight: (2) Fine
Suggested yarn: Lion Brand Oh Baby

It’s always exciting to find crochet patterns that are unique and if that’s your kind of thing, this crochet potholder is something else. It starts with a flat circle that blooms into shell-stitch petals.

Mosaic Crochet Potholder

Mosaic Potholder Crochet Pattern

Designer: Yarn + Chai
Yarn weight: (4) Worsted
Suggested yarn: I Love This Cotton

Every crocheter has a preference. Some love fun shapes, and vivid colors, while others love a chic and simple pattern. And if you are the latter, then this pattern is up your alley! It’s an easy potholder crochet and has a more modern, minimalist look.

Modern Double Thick Crochet Potholders with wooden spoons

Modern Double Thick Crochet Potholder Free Pattern

Designer: Jewels and Jones
Yarn weight: (4) Worsted
Suggested yarn: Knit Picks Dishie

We all love a good and reliable potholder, especially if you are cooking a lot. This crochet potholder pattern is a classic, perfect for gifting or to make for yourself.

Ideas For Crochet Dishcloth Borders  

Borders are excellent additions to your crocheted dishcloths. They make your work look more professional even if you're still a beginner. Check out these border patterns and see if you can add some to your work! 

Double Crochet Post Ribbing Border on a dishcloth

Double Crochet Post Ribbing Border

Designer: Daisy Farm Crafts

Ribbed borders never go out of style and this crochet border pattern can help you with that. These iconic stitches will be a great way to end your crochet projects! 

Camel Stitch Crochet Border

Camel Stitch Border Tutorial

Designer: Winding Road Crochet

These intricate stitches are excellent for blankets, washcloths, and even scarves. This border gives a clean look to any edge and you can make it as wide as you want.

Crab Stitch Crochet Edging

Crab Stitch Crochet Edging Tutorial

Designer: Joy of Motion Crochet

The crab crochet stitch also known as the Reverse Single Crochet is an ideal crochet border to finish your projects. It’s simple and a good touch to crochet projects like blankets, scarves, washcloths, or dishcloths.

Crochet Puff Stitch Border

Crochet Puff Stitch Border

Designer: Daisy Farm Crafts

This crochet puff stitch is a cute border to add to your crochet projects. It’s an easy stitch to follow and is a great crochet border for baby blankets, washcloths, or dishcloths. 

Scalloped Shell Crochet Edging

Scalloped Shell Edging Tutorial

Designer: Bella Coco

Shell or scalloped edges are classic crochet borders that never go out of style. This is a sweet addition to an otherwise simple crochet washcloth project that automatically makes it look a little fancier.

Are You a Beginner Crochet Who Would Like Some Extra Help to Learn How to Crochet? 

Are you new to the crochet community? In need of a guide on crochet tutorials? If you are then you've come to the right place! We have all kinds of crochet education for beginners like you. In our Crochet Fundamentals course, you can learn how to pick the right yarn and hook for your project, how to hold them, and how to make all the beginner stitches you need to know. You’ll also increase your skills by learning how to increase, decrease, and finish your projects for professional results every time.

Looking for more great crochet patterns: 35 Crochet Border Patterns