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Simplicity Washcloth – Easy, Free washcloth crochet pattern

Simplicity Washcloth – Easy, Free washcloth crochet pattern

Simplicity Washcloth Free #Crochet Pattern by Simply Collectible

Simplicity Washcloth

I've been making washcloths from this simple, free washcloth crochet pattern for 4 years. The peace you'll find by making a simple, smaller cloth like this is very soothing. It's quick, fast, smallish for little hands or quick wipes. The stitches are close together so little fingers don't push through, but not so tight that it takes eons to dry.

Grab a ball or cone of cotton and allow your mind to escape in prayer or meditation. Maybe watch reruns of Golden Girls or X-Files. You'll find it's easy to stock up on these and be at total peace.

Excellent project for road trips, beginner crocheters, or just zoning out.

Jamie shares her washcloth picture and a tip about adding a border! That's below the pattern.

Finished Dimensions:
Approximately 7″ diameter

Sugar n Cream, Batik #02446
F-5/3.75mm Clover
Yarn needle

You could purchase any color or variegation as a ball or cone, but this is the same colorway I used that is pictured above. Do wash them with colored towels the first time, just in case. I've never had a problem with bleeding, though.

Lily Sugar N Cream� Cotton Batik Cotton Yarn

Countryside is one of my favorites, but there are solids, too.

Lily Sugar N Cream� Cotton Countryside Cotton Yarn

Clover hooks have been my go-to hook for several months since a sweet friend bought me a set.

Amour Crochet Hook Set

Note:  Turning chain counts as a stitch.


Chain 21 loosely
Row 1:  Starting in 2nd ch from the hook, hdc 19 across – 20 sts
Row 2:  Ch 1, turn, hdc 20 across – 20 sts
Row 3 – 15:  Repeat Row 2 – 20 sts
Fasten off, break yarn, sewn in the tails.

Jamie Bowe Dunson shared some washcloth tips on my Facebook page post.

Jamie Bowe Dunson washcloth tips | Simply Collectible Crochet

I have many more but their basically my washcloths during shower time. Handy size! Hdc is my fav for washcloths and baby blankets. Mine are a bit bigger plus the borders add to the size. I single crocheted around once and then the border is so easy to crochet on. Try it! Yours looks just as pretty just smaller but I've never had any problems with the border falling off. I also crochet tightly and overdo the loose ends to make sure their staying put. These have been used over and over for probably 3 years now.

Thanks, Jamie!

I hope you find this pattern super useful like I have. Be sure to check out my other FREE Patterns and sign up for my email newsletter for free pattern notices straight to your inbox.


Wednesday 19th of August 2015

Really like it


Saturday 22nd of August 2015

Thanks, Diane! I appreciate the feedback.


Monday 2nd of February 2015

What stitch is her border? I can't enlarge the picture to figure it out? Thank you


Wednesday 4th of February 2015

I'm not certain, Betsy. I did ask, but I haven't heard back yet. Maybe she'll see the comments.