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Coraline’s Shrug – You Made This! Edition 3 Free Shrug Crochet Pattern Notes

Coraline’s Shrug – You Made This! Edition 3 Free Shrug Crochet Pattern Notes

Coraline's Shrug by EQ50 for Simply Collectible

Free Shrug Crochet Pattern

I'm so delighted to share these pattern notes with you for Coraline's Shrug by Facebook Friend and Contributor EQ50. Allow me to preface by saying that many people love to share what they've made from my patterns with me so I've started this series so we can show off your crochet skillz and fabu talents. The series is called You Made This giving you and everyone full credit for your own creations by allowing you to share your notes and the changes you've made to tailor my designs to your needs.

This one is very special in that EQ50 (as she is known as on the cyber webs) has created a fabulous look with this shrug! I'm copying her notes exactly so as not to lose anything from her interpretation. If you need the original abbreviations or want to review any of the other Coraline Line patterns, please click on any from the gallery below.

EQ50 says, “I've really enjoyed the first “Coraline” scarf pattern. So have my grands. Using the basic Coraline structure, I have made a shrug which I would like to call… Coraline's shrug.
I used “I Love this Cotton” yarn, 2 skeins. size I/9 5.5mm hook.

1. Starting with 110 fhdc, do not join, turn,
2. chain 4, skip a stitch DC in next stitch across, turn,
3. – 35 Chain 4, skip next stitch, *DC in next stitch, sc 1, skip next st*, across, turn
36. HDC across in each stitch.
37. Bring ends together to form a sleeve. So st 5 stitches. Fasten off. Do this on both ends. HDC all edges. Enjoy.
You can make this any size. I'm a large woman with large arms. Use your imagination!”

Thank you, EQ50!

Here's a quick video to help with the HDC.

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