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Organizing Hacks for Your Yarn Stash

Organizing Hacks for Your Yarn Stash

Yarn Organization Hacks -

Organizing Hacks for Your Yarn Stash

We are almost all on a frugal budget in some form or fashion. Since my son was born, I've become extremely frugal by necessity. My husband and I always knew I wasn't going back to work, but I didn't understand just how tight the budget would be. By the time he was 10 months old, my focus was on our budget 24/7 with everything from cooking to cleaning- making my own detergents and reusing containers.

Don't get me wrong. I love to buy new, but there are plenty of times we just don't need to and can save hundreds of dollars a year. Here are some very simple ways that I was able to save quite a few dollars and make my tiny studio feel tidy, even when it has exploded.

Hit up your pantry!

Frugal Organizing - DIY Drawer Organizers -

This option is so flexible you could use it in the kitchen, your sock drawers, in a Kaboodle, even organize crayons or markers. You will need to save your cereal boxes. Allow me to explain. I've cut the bottoms and tops off the boxes to use them in short corners. They hold anything from stitch markers to rubber bands. You can cut them lengthwise to use for hooks, scissors, and embroidery threads. A single drawer can hold several boxes or the bottoms of cereal boxes/hot tea boxes to keep all your little things separated. (We've recently moved so it isn't prettied up yet, but it helps us feel at home and makes it much easier to locate things.)

Hit the Garage Sales!

My dad found a solid oak chest of drawers and matching dresser that well went with our current furniture set at a garage sale for only $50. He bought it for us, but I would have spent the money on it expecting my son will be using them when he is grown. For now, this set is where I store everything from key plates and weights to sketches and wips. You can certainly find a chest of drawers for much less; especially if it's made of particle board. Resale shops have them all the time.

Hit up the Dollar Store!

Even though many items are more than $1, you can still score some sweet deals. Three of the drawers in one of these large oak chests contain several small items that are easy to categorize. For that, I use two utility dividers (as seen above) like those you would use for your silverware and cutlery. They were only $1 each and I felt super clever buying those to use for extra hooks, needles, pins, threads, tags, pens… whew!

Frugal Organizing - Quick Organizers that are easy finds at the thrift store -

A shoe organizer ($9 on sale) under a desk holds working skeins with test swatches and small wips. Plastic shoe boxes fit 2-3 skeins each. A large trash receptacle is a great place to keep hats and scarves going out as orders.

Frugal Organizing - Wall Organizers to keep them off the ground -

Keep large garden baskets to hold new skeins waiting to be organized in the closet.

Frugal Organizing - Sweater, Clothes, and Closet Organizers can contain multiple skeins with stackabilty and ease! -

Hanging sweater dividers ($5/ea) hold various skeins cued up for projects while large plastic bags ($3/ea) zip up several skeins to be stacked in a closet.

Frugal Organizing - Sweater, Clothes, and Closet Organizers can contain multiple skeins in a jiffy! -

Hope you can use some of these ideas right away. What types of unusual items do you use for your organizing hacks.