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Crochet Hack – Fun tip you can use to decorate

Crochet Hack – Fun tip you can use to decorate

Crochet Hack - excellent tip to work more efficiently today

Crochet Hack

You are going to love this crochet hack shared by my friend Margie through social media. I'm certain many saw it, but I asked her permission to share it with you directly.

Let's hear from Margie:

“Ok, this is crochet related but also not, but a really neat thing that I thought I would share. At Michaels today I saw this scotch tape. I don't know if it's true for all of you, but I have a desk I sit at and a little tray I use if I'm sitting elsewhere that I keep my project on. I put a piece on my desk, and a piece in the tray, so that no matter where I am, I have a ruler that's not rolling around, or on the floor, or NOT where it belongs.
There's enough on there to cut it into 12″ pieces 60 times. And I can mark it, and throw it away and change it and and and…well..You get the point. It's definitely handy!”

It says it isn't accurate measurement, but would be great for approximations and you could mark on it. I've already thought of several ways to use it including, but not limited to:

  • Approximating your gauge
  • Approximating hat widths
  • Approximating infant or baby garments
  • Approximating lengths of scraps or tails
  • Cute stocking stuffers for crafters or teachers
  • Keeping a toddler busy for 4 precious minutes
  • Decorate student folders

This really is a great tip. I think I'm going to need strips on my folders, edge of my laptop, tablet case, maybe even a magnetic strip for my refrigerator.

How would you use this?

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