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You Made This! Edition 4 with Simply Collectible Crochet

You Made This! Edition 4 with Simply Collectible Crochet

You Made This! Edition 4 with Simply Collectible Crochet

You Made This!

This may be one of my favorite series. This is when you get to show off that you made this with Simply Collectible patterns. If you don't see yours yet, it is still in queue but I will email you to let you know it's up. Let's see what we have going now. Are you ready? Here we go!

I love Alyssa's contributions to You Made This! and look forward to each one. She's made the “Doll Wig” or Pigtail Wig Hat found HERE and she says she did differently, “I just took the pig tails into two strands and twisted, using clear hair bands to join the twists, four on each side. For the hair ties, I did my own thing and chained 80, knotted and snipped the ends, then wrapped around the pig tail top twice, then tied into bows. I also decided to sneak in another row of bang fringe between the two rows, to make it a bit thicker.” She adds, “Thanks for this adorable pattern, I'm never disappointed with Simply Collectible Crochet!”
What does she love most about this pattern? “It was a lot easier than I thought it was going to be! You can do it!”

Thank you, Alyssa! I love your collages, too. The extra bangs are perfect for her.

SimplyCollectibleCrochet Pigtails & Wig Hat crochet pattern

This Sturdiest Ever Market Bag HERE was made by Barb. Cleverly, she comments, “I have made many of these and have done some variation of the pattern occasionally. The thing I like the most is the ‘build-in' handles. So no matter what type of pattern I use I will always use this method for the handles. :)”

Thank you for the great review, Barb! Those handles are fantastic. crochet pattern

Summer H from MrsKnotty made the fabulous Lily's Sweetheart Cowl which can be found HERE. Here is what Summer mentions she did differently, “I shortened the width of the cowl. Stopping at 13 rounds. I also used a K hook (6.50 mm). I used the Pink Camo, Bright Mix and Monet by Red Heart Yarn.” What she loved most? “This pattern was so easy to follow and it made me want to make more with the mixed colors I have on hand. I'm planning to make 2 more in Camo by Red Heart and Nursery Rhyme by Big Twist.”

Lovely colors, Summer! Thank you so much for your kind words and coming by. crochet patterns

Teresa also made this beautiful Lily's Sweetheart Cowl which can be found HERE. Here's what she says her favorite thing is about the pattern. “The picots [are] a pretty touch. And I liked the easy stitch repeats. And it is light around my neck but adds warmth.” What changes did she make to the pattern? “I did use a smaller hook size….then changed to a half size smaller about halfway through. I chained a little extra in the beginning too since I used a smaller hook. I love the Redheart Unforgettable yarn. Love this pattern too! Gonna make some in other colors too!!”

Thank you, Teresa! That sounds like a fun take on it. [Image is coming soon!]
Jen Mackenzie from AG Handmades also made my Sturdiest Ever Market Bag found HERE. I love that Jen says, “So easy to follow! Really! I watched NCIS while making it.. it required very little attention and counting!” What did she do differently? “I didn't do much differently, except that I used up a few skeins of left-over variegated cotton yarn, different colours. Starting with green shades at the bottom, working up to a dark orange at the handles, mixed with off-white. I also used a 6mm hook because I didn't have a 6.5mm handy and I felt the 7mm was slightly too large and would make the bag eventually stretch too much.”

Very smart, Jen. Thank you! It's gorgeous. I would not have thought to do that and I love the whimsy. crochet patterns

Our next addition is from Mary Baribeau. She has made Coraline in the Wine Country Shawl and Wrap which you can find HERE. About how she made it differently, she says, “I didn't have the HR Boutique yarn nor does my little town carry it. I substituted RH Soft in Fruit Punch for my multicolor, I really liked the colors because they are bright. I made this back at the end of winter so the colors reminded me of the green grass and flowers blooming. I added about 20 more rows because I wanted it long enough to be able to wrap around me and if wanted to tie in the front. I also did a slip stitch to the edges both on the right and wrong side all around to keep it from curling. I didn't think to put a picture here on the website until now. I recently entered it in our local county fair and won first prize on the entry. I also entered 6 other items not patterns from this site but other sites which all placed 1st and 2nd in their categories. I loved making this pattern. It is so simple to make and the instructions are very easy to understand and follow. I plan to make the rest in the collection but at a later date.”

Congratulations on your win, Mary! Thank you for sharing your pic and story.

What did Mary love about this pattern? “It is very simple to follow the instructions. I have been been a little shy about making shawls but this turned out to be so simple. I'm not a beginner. A beginner could very easily make this.” crochet pattern



Tuesday 29th of March 2016

This is the first time I've visited this wonderful event on the blog . I loved seeing what people submitted! It's really exciting and made me smile from ear-to-ear to see everybody's work and also gave me some new ideas . I think this is a wonderful feature on your blog ! Good job everybody your work is fabulous!


Wednesday 13th of April 2016

Thank you for the feedback! I'm so glad you like it. I love see everyone's work and flair.