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Important & Exciting Announcement About Simply Collectible Crochet

Important & Exciting Announcement About Simply Collectible Crochet

Hey Celina here from Simply Collectible Crochet and I have an exciting announcement to share with you.

Over the last while I’ve been in search of someone to partner with for our amazing community and blog Simply Collectible Crochet.

And Today I wanted to introduce you to that partner, Brittany Lynch.

Brittany, is also the founder over at the blog and is one of the most passionate entrepreneurs I’ve ever met.

Ideal Me’s mission is to help its audience design and live their ideal life.

Whether that means finding more time to crochet, sew, craft or get healthy and start a lifestyle business.

I absolutely love this mission because it’s something I very much believe in and given the crossroad I’ve been at in my life I knew that Brittany was the perfect partner for Simply Collectible Crochet.

Over the last little while Brittany and I have been finalizing the process of bringing the SImply Collectible Crochet blog and brand into the Ideal Me Publishing network.

So…What does that mean exactly?

Plain and simple it means that we’re going to be able to bring you more amazing crochet tutorials every single month.  

Don’t worry, while Brittany is going to be taking over the day to day operations of the blog, you’ll still be hearing from me from time to time like my crochet collared necklace tutorial that I’ve been working on and will be releasing next week.

It also means that you’ll get to meet Brittany and benefit from all the goodies she has…for example Brittany has put together an amazing set of Crochet Cheat Sheet printables.

In this collection of crochet cheat sheets you’ll get:

Crochet Project Planner & Journal – Use this sheet to plan out your next crochet project (or even knitting, quilting or sewing).

Yarn Weights And Reference Guide – Ever get confused about what weight yarn works with which hook and what type of project? If so you'll love this worksheet.

Crochet Terminology & Symbol Chart – If you haven't mastered all of the crochet terminology and symbols or reading a pattern just yet, you're going to love this. It will come in handy and makes pattern reading so much easier.

Download The Crochet Cheat Sheet Printables here.

Crochet is definitely a hobby that both Brittany and I enjoy. In fact, Brittany has some amazing crochet blog posts on her blog and you can check out a few of them here to get a sense of what’s in store for Simply Collectible Crochet.

18 Crochet Stitches You Can Use For Any Project

Easy Done In A Day Crochet Baby Blanket

12 Creative Crochet Border Ideas

Easy Fingerless Glove Tutorial

Take a few minutes and check out some of the amazing crochet tutorials on Ideal Me and the Ideal Me publishing network.

Overall I’m SO excited about what’s to come and seeing Simply Collectible Crochet continue to grow and grateful for this opportunity and partnership with Brittany and Ideal Me.

Alright, that’s it for now.

I can not wait to share what we have in store for you.

But be sure to check back here frequently for new posts and more fun crochet goodies that we have in store for you 🙂


Important & Exciting Announcement About Simply Collectible Crochet