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20+ Free Scrubby Crochet Patterns

20+ Free Scrubby Crochet Patterns

Crochet scrubbies are easy, quick, and functional crochet projects. In this article, you'll find free crochet patterns for scrubbies, as well as small washcloths and dishcloths, which can also be used as scrubbies.

Washcloths or face scrubbies are an excellent part of a skincare routine. Dishcloths or dish scrubbies make your home and kitchen more cozy and eco-friendly.

The scrubby patterns provided here are perfect for beginners, but intermediate and advanced crocheters will also have fun crocheting these cute scrubbies. You can practice new crochet stitches and techniques by crocheting scrubbies. 

If you're looking for free crochet scrubby patterns with lovely textures, you're in the right place.

What is a Crochet Scrubby?

Crochet scrubbies can be round, square, or rectangular, and they can use special scrubby yarn or plain cotton. Scrubby yarn is often made from polyester and is made in such a way that strands hang from the strand of yarn, giving it extra scrubbing power. 

These sorts of scrubbies can be used on dishes or on your body, but if you’re looking for a face scrubby crochet pattern you’ll probably want to choose one that uses plain cotton yarn because it will be gentler on your skin.  

Why Crochet a Scrubby?

There are a lot of reasons you might want to crochet your own scrubbies, particularly in comparison to using single-use or disposable items.

  • Scrubbies are environmentally friendly and reusable. If you choose to work with organic cotton, it’s even better for the planet.
  • They are easy to wash in the washing machine with your kitchen or bathroom laundry.
  • If you have appropriate yarn scraps they can be good stash busters because they don’t take a lot of yardage and can be worked in different colors. 
  • They’re easy and quick to make, even if you are new to crochet. They often use simple stitches like single crochet or double crochet and can be stitched up in a few minutes to an hour or so. You don’t even need to check your gauge because exact size doesn’t matter!
  • Because they’re quick to make and useful, they make great gifts. Everyone can use a scrubby as part of a self-care gift, or make soft cotton scrubbies as part of a gift for a new baby..

Whatever your reason is, crocheting scrubbies is a fun and fast project.

How Do You Crochet a Scrubby?

The method of crocheting a scrubby will depend on the shape you want: circle, rectangle, or square.

If you want to crochet a circular scrubby, start with a magic ring and a foundation row then make this circle larger by increasing your stitch count regularly until you reach your desired diameter. Some of the free crochet scrubby patterns below combine basic and special crochet stitches for more fun and texture.

If you want a rectangular or square scrubby, start with the number of chains needed to achieve your desired length. Crochet each row back and forth until you reach your desired width for the scrubby. 

Speaking of rectangles, there are so many great projects you can make with this simple shape. Our Crochet Anything with Rectangles workshop includes 24 different ways to use rectangles – including sweaters, bags, hats, and more.

Yarns and Other Supplies You'll Need

What Yarn is Best for a Crochet Scrubby?

The most common yarns used for crochet scrubby are specially made scrubby yarn and cotton yarn.

There are yarn manufacturers that produce scrubby yarns made of polyester which are strong enough to scrub off grease and other dish dirt. Red Heart Scrubby yarn is made of 100% polyester and is easy to find. This type of yarn has also other variations that you may try. 

Another option is Lily Sugar’n Cream Scrub Off, a worsted weight cotton yarn that includes scrubby slubs along with smooth cotton. Many of the patterns below are scrubby yarn crochet patterns, they are designed with this specific yarn in mind.

For washcloths and face cloths, it is recommended to use cotton yarn because they are gentle on our skin. A couple of good options are Lion Brand 24/7 Cotton or Lily Sugar’n Cream, which are both worsted weight cotton yarns.

Other Tools and Notions

  • Crochet hook
  • Scissors
  • Tapestry needle

Tips for Using Scrubby Yarns

Some find scrubby yarns intimidating because the yarn looks fuzzy and hard to crochet with. Let me share with you some tips to get the best out of these busy-looking yarns:

  • Mistakes aren't really obvious, so don't stress yourself worrying about if you put the stitches in the right places.
  • Give yourself time to practice by stitching a simple square first. Once you’ve got the hang of it you can try a round scrubby pattern or a different shape. 
  • Count your stitches as you crochet so you can still keep the shape of your scrubby consistent.
  • Feel for the stitches, because it's hard to spot them. You can use your finger in addition to your eyes to find the stitches where you need to insert your hook.

Crochet Scrubby Patterns for Your Skin

Let’s start with free crochet patterns for scrubby that you can use on your skin. Here, you’ll find a variety of designs for face scrubbies and other kinds of crochet scurbbies like a back scrubber and bath pouf.

Crocheyt Sakura Face Scrubbies

Sakura Face Scrubbies

Designer: K.A.M.E. Crochet, via Ravelry
Yarn weight: (3) DK
Suggested yarn: Sirdar Snuggly 100% Cotton

Make yourself this quick and easy face scrubby inspired by sakura flowers (aka cherry blossoms). It’s not much more difficult than crocheting a circle but so much prettier! 

Reusable Cotton Crochet Face Scrubbies

Reusable Cotton Crochet Face Scrubbies

Designer: Sarah Maker
Yarn weight: (4) Worsted
Suggested yarn: Lion Brand 24/7 Cotton

Check out this beginner-friendly face scrubby pattern. It uses the puff stitch for a thick and soft face wipe that’s also washable and reusable.

Crochet Sunburst Face Scrubbies

Sunburst Face Scrubby

Designer: Sarah Gross, via Ravelry
Yarn weight: (4) Worsted
Suggested yarn: Lily Sugar'n Cream

This face scrubby crochet pattern is made of cluster stitches and bordered with picot stitches. The cotton yarn suggested is perfect for creating a soft texture that is gentle on your skin.

Crochet Bumpy Face Scrubbies

Bumpy Face Scrubby

Designer: Caitlin’s Contagious Creations
Yarn weight: (4) Worsted
Suggested yarn: Knit Picks Dishie

This scrubby has a bumpy texture that’s perfect for exfoliation. You can add a strap across the back to make it easier to hold when washing your body, as well as a little loop so you can hang it in the shower to dry between uses. 

Crochet Floret Face Pads

Floret Face Pads/Scrubbies

Designer: Mijo Crochet
Yarn weight: (1) Super fine
Suggested yarn: Scheepjes Sunkissed

This pretty pattern combines puff stitch and shell stitch to make a lovely flower shape. It’s a great pattern to mass produce or make with scraps because it only uses about 2.5 grams of yarn. The free pattern is available in several languages. 

Tunisian Crochet Face Scrubbies

Tunisian Crochet Face Scrubbies

Designer: Yarn Andy
Yarn weight: (3) DK
Suggested yarn: Sirdar Happy Cotton

This little scrubby crochet pattern is the perfect way to try Tunisian crochet if you haven’t done it before. The lines of simple stitch are great for scrubbing. There’s also a video tutorial included in the pattern if you need more help. (Want to learn more about Tunisian crochet? Check out our Tunisian crochet workshop!)

Facial Crochet Washcloth

Facial Washcloth

Designer: Sweet Softies
Yarn weight: (4) Worsted
Suggested yarn: Lily Sugar'n Cream

This washcloth is part of the Tea Rose Spa Set, which also includes a scrubby, bath pouf, and soap sack to help clean and pamper your skin. This pattern uses the Suzette stitch which gives a soft texture but is easy to stitch.

Crochet Washcloth Set

Washcloth Set Crochet Pattern

Designer: Cream of the Crop Crochet
Yarn weight: (4) Worsted
Suggested yarn: Universal Cotton Supreme

This fun and easy pattern uses lemon peel stitch to get lots of texture. It might look tricky but it just uses single crochet and double crochet stitches. This is a great one for cleansing without being irritating. 

Crochet Diamond Textured Face Scrubbies

Diamond Textured Face Scrubbies

Designer: Mother Bunch Crochet
Yarn weight: (4) Worsted
Suggested yarn: Knit Picks Dishie

This little washcloth for your face uses the diamond crochet stitch for an elegant look that will brighten up your bathroom. It also has a loop so you can hang it up to dry after washing.

Crochet Back Scrubber

Back Scrubber

Designer: Michele Wilcox, via Yarnspirations
Yarn weight: (4) Worsted
Suggested yarn: Red Heart Scrubby 

Give a spa-themed gift set that includes this extra long scrubber for the back. It’s super easy to make and a great gift for anyone on your list. 

Crochet Bath Pouf

Bath Pouf Crochet Pattern

Designer: Daisy Cottage Designs
Yarn weight: (4) Worsted
Suggested yarn: Lion Brand 24/7 Cotton 

It may look complicated, but this pattern is really easy to make. It’s worked in rounds of double crochet that are increased dramatically to make the pouf. Be sure to add a little loop of chain stitches if you want to hang it in the shower.

Crochet Scrubby Patterns for Your Kitchen

Crochet Kitchen Scrubbies

Crochet Kitchen Scrubby Pattern

Designer: Caab Crochet
Yarn weight: (4) Worsted
Suggested yarn: Lily Sugar'n Cream and Red Heart Scrubby 

This kitchen scrubby is just like the usual sponge you can buy in the market with one side being soft and the other one being rough. You’ll start crocheting with the cotton yarn, then later, you’ll blend in the scrubby yarn for extra scrubbing power.

Crochet Kitchen Scrubbie

Kitchen Scrubbie Crochet Pattern

Designer: Desert Blossom Crafts
Yarn weight: (4) Worsted
Suggested yarn: Red Heart Scrubby 

If you’re looking for a quick scrubby crochet project, check out this pattern. After a few minutes, you’ll be having a cute dish scrub that you can proudly say you made yourself.

Crochet Scrubby Set

Crochet Scrubby Set

Designer: BHooked Crochet
Yarn weight: (4) Worsted
Suggested yarn: Red Heart Scrubby 

This pretty scrubby comes in two sizes for scrubbing pots and a larger washing cloth. Work them in a solid color or use scraps from other projects to make a colorful scrubber. You could even combine scrubby yarn and cotton to make a cloth with scrubbing power that can also be gentler.

Crochet Splash of Citrus Scrubby

Splash of Citrus Scrubby

Designer: Michele Wilcox, via Yarnspirations
Yarn weight: (4) Worsted
Suggested yarn: Red Heart Scrubby Sparkle 

Have fun washing your dishes with this fruit-inspired scrubby pattern. Make a set with different colors to make chores more colorful and fun.

Crochet Hubcap Dish Scrubby

Hubcap Dish Scrubby

Designer: Yarnbending
Yarn weight: (5) Bulky
Suggested yarn: Red Heart Scrubby and Knit Picks Shine Worsted held together

In this pattern, you’ll be crocheting two circles and then stitching them together. One has a plain texture and the other one has ridges which the designer thinks of as wheels and hubcaps. This is a perfect housewarming present for any new neighbor, or make them for yourself.

Crochet Super Scrubby Dish Cloth

Super Scrubby Dish Cloth

Designer: Cali and Cleveland
Yarn weight: (4) Worsted
Suggested yarn: Lily Sugar'n Cream

The bobble stitch is a fun and exciting crochet stitch, and this pattern is a great way to practice it. Those bobbles give your cloth great scrubbing power for doing dishes or wiping up spills. 

Crochet Primrose Dishcloth

Primrose Dishcloth Crochet Pattern

Designer: Dabbles and Babbles
Yarn weight: (4) Worsted
Suggested yarn: Premier Yarns Home Cotton

Add an elegant atmosphere to your kitchen with these dishcloths. The primrose crochet stitch creates a sophisticated texture that also makes this cloth thick and functional to wash your dishes.

Crochet Nubby Scrubby

Nubby Scrubby

Designer: Sylver Santika, via Ravelry
Yarn weight: (4) Worsted
Suggested yarn: Red Heart Super Saver

This free crochet pattern is for an easy and quick scrubby that you can use for your dishes or counters. It uses Tunisian knit stitch, which is an easy Tunisian crochet stitch to learn. A video tutorial for this pattern is also available here.

Crochet Rainbow Daze Washcloth/ Dishcloth

Rainbow Daze Free Washcloth/ Dishcloth

Designer: Simply Crochet Collectible
Yarn weight: (4) Worsted
Suggested yarn: Lily Sugar'n Cream 

While most of the scrubby crochet patterns presented here have been the typical shapes of circles, squares, and rectangles, there’s no limit to the shapes you can make for dishcloths. This rainbow washcloth or dishcloth is a great way to use little leftover bits of yarn, but you could make it in any colors you like if you don’t have all the colors of the rainbow handy.

The Sun’s Out! Crochet Dish Scrubby

The Sun’s Out! Crochet Dish Scrubby

Designer: A Crocheted Simplicity
Yarn weight: (4) Worsted
Suggested yarn: Red Heart Yarn’s Scrubby Smoothie and Red Heart Scrubby Sparkle

They say make your own sunshine. Let’s take that literally because now you can crochet a sun-shaped dish scrubby with this free pattern. This burst of sunshine won’t make doing chores any easier, but it might give you a smile while you do it. 

Crochet Scrubbies

Crochet Scrubbie Free Pattern

Designer: Crochet Dreamz
Yarn weight: (4) Worsted
Suggested yarn: Lion Brand 24/7 Cotton

This unique design makes a long tube of mesh stitch. Roll it up to scrub your dishes (or your body), then unroll to let it dry and when it needs washing.

Want More Patterns You Can Make in a Day?

One of the many great things about crocheting your own scrubbies, washcloths, and dishcloths is that they are projects that you can stitch very quickly. They’re great for last minute gifts or when you want to make something but you just aren’t sure what to make. 

If you’re looking for more quick to stitch project, check out our Done in a Day pattern bundle. It includes 90 projects that are speedy to stitch, including bags, blankets, hats, and more!