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Submit Your Picture

Submit Your Picture

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You Made This! with Simply Collectible crochet patterns



I love when you send or post your pictures to me of things you've made from my patterns so I want you to send them in! Feel free to link to yourself, too.

Below are some pictures I've collected over the last 5 years so I'm putting them in a simple gallery for now since I'm so ready to show them off.

Here's how it works.

  • You'll enter your name or any username. (Why would someone want to be anonymous? There are many reasons. Some people only go by usernames or aliases on the cyberwebs and I'm okay with that. After all, you'll read the terms and conditions, right? Before you submit, please read the Terms and Conditions.)
  • Tell us the pattern name.
  • Tell us any changes you made. (What did you do differently to personalize your fabulous item. Different yarn? Different hook size, perhaps? More or less rows? Anything cool.)
  • Enter a link where people can find you. (You may use a blog, website, social media page, or shop.)
  • Finally, upload your picture! Can't upload it? Add the link in the url space.

Then, to Submit Your Picture, Scroll Down.

See Terms and Conditions.

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