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Straight From the HeART – Pamela Emerson

Straight From the HeART – Pamela Emerson

Straight From the HeART – Pamela Emerson

I've been deeply touched by Pamela's history and I certainly hope that you are as well. Let's hear from Pamela now.

‘My maternal grandma learned to knit in school. They made socks for our servicemen during the war. It was harder to learn- for her than most- because she was a left handed. My mom just recently told me that. I never knew she learned at school only that it was hard being a lefty.

‘That was only a small part. I should have also said that knitting was a major part of her income. She made lots of sweaters for doctors and nurses. She also made baby items anytime someone had a baby in her church. The baby stuff was gifted to the new moms.
She also sold Avon for years and did taxes at tax time.

‘My grandma Bare was also diabetic and most of my life I heard she was going to loose a toe. She spent a lot of time in the hospital from the diabetes. I was 19 when my grandma lost her leg just below the knee.

‘My grandma made beautiful, fun memories that I cherish to this day from sweaters she made for me and my children. I still have the sweater she made for my son before he was born. He came home in that sweater, as did my other 2 children.


‘This is the sweater my babies came home in.

Pamela Emerson - Straight From the HeART

‘My grandma made the apple 25 yrs ago and the peach colored sweater 28+ years ago. I don't know if she saw a pic and made it or had a pattern for them.


Pamela Emerson 2 - Straight From the HeART


‘I always knew she would be there if I needed her, even if she was in the hospital. Oh ya… almost forgot, she was legally blind for many years. Maybe some day I will be as good as she was and maybe not. She was truly a blessing to anyone that got a Frances Bare Creation.

‘I guess I should also have said that I love to crochet also. My sister taught me when I was 18. I actually crochet more because it seems to go faster.'


A few days before Pamela shared her story with me, I'd been learning about the history of circular sock knitting machines and it just so happens they came about during the time Frances Bare was knitting socks. Before the socks were knitted and sent, we lost many a brave soldier to trench foot because they could not keep their feet dry. The knitting machines were developed in order to produce more socks in a shorter amount of time. Many of these machines were hand delivered to the doors of knitters who were volunteering for the Red Cross.

‘That [youtube video] was really cool to watch. Really ironic that my grandma made socks to help with trench foot and she lost one of hers to diabetes. Thanks for sharing.

‘Pammy's Bare Beanie is in memory of my grandma and a way for me to share what I love doing. I only wish she had been here when I finally figured out how to knit. It might not be the sweaters she made, but it is a start and I know she would be proud.'

Pamela Emerson


You can dig quite deep into the history of knitting the socks. Click HERE to find the resource to download the actual knitting patterns used for our service men & women! Trench foot was an awful disease that took many lives and these women played a huge role in saving them.


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