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You Made This! Edition 4 with Simply Collectible crochet patterns

You Made This! Edition 4 with Simply Collectible crochet patterns

You Made This | FREE Crochet patterns by

You Made This! – Simply Collectible crochet patterns

I've been so grateful and humbled to receive your images from my Coraline on Sabbatical Traveling line. Everything you guys are making makes me smile and I want to see more. I love seeing the colorways you choose as well, so keep them coming! I have a good amount of them to share for the next edition as well. (I took a little break over the summer to brush up on my sewing skills, so know that you will be seeing some sewing projects come up on in the future.

This time around, I'm seeing some made with the new cake yarns which were not available at the time I designed these patterns and you must admit the look is just as cool! To go to the original designs/patterns being featured, click the links associated with the images. If you have an image you'd like to share, please use the Submit link in the menu, email me or contact me via Facebook or Twitter. Subsequently, you can comment and let me know you'd like to submit your  photo. Please be sure the photo you are submitting is something you made following one of my patterns directly. Though I love seeing your other items, this feature is specific to what you make with my designs. Thanks for understanding! There are quite a few in the lineup from over the summer so if you don't see yours just yet, please be patient. Another edition of You Made This! will be coming soon. Keep those pics coming!

 Julie says, “…With Caron Cakes in Boston Cream. [Coraline in Rome] Took less than 2 skeins, and I'm still deciding if I want to block it (since it's for ME)!” Get Coraline in Rome here –

Coraline in Rome - You Made This |

Maita Weinman say, “I used faerie cakes to make the Coraline in the wine country shawl from the pattern on your website it's so beautiful my best friend asked me to make her one for her birthday in lilac frosting!” Get Coraline in the Wine Country here –

Coraline in Rome - You Made This |

LOVE the tassels on this one! MKay Creations says, “I love this and enjoyed making it and hope to make lots more. 😀 I even made my sister one.!!” This is Coraline in the Wine Country!

Coraline in the Wine Country - You Made This |

Debbie Herndon make my Adorable Cupcake Lovers Beanie and says, “I followed the pattern exactly for the first one. I think next time I will go up a hook size because I tend to crochet tight. It's so easy to make. Less than an hour and it's adorable.” Well, you did a great job, Debbie! Thank you so much for sharing your project. Find the full set Adorable Cupcake Lovers Beanie and Scarf Set – Infant to Adult here: Ockomon makes my Desert Hope Slouch Beanie and says, “I made your hat – Loved it! – and as I am from a cold climate (Mn) thought that a cup cozy would be great! …. so I did. Done in less than 2 hours (closer to 1)” Great idea, Dawn. I'd love to hear what chain you started with for the cup cozy. Feel free to add it to the comments and I can add it here. Such a cute set. That would be great as a craft fair project, too.


Here's what Angelique Loeffler from AngeliqueCrafts says and an image of the one she made:
“When I found Simply Collectible's ‘Coraline in San Francisco‘ cowl pattern on Pinterest I instantly became excited! I was looking for a quick and easy to work pattern for a bulky yarn. This pattern not only fit my criteria, but it also had great versatility in how to wear and drape the cowl! Thank you, Celina, not only for posting this pattern but also for sharing it for free!” –

Simply Collectible Customer Appreciation photo from AngeliqueCrafts

Marcy made my Striped Stash Buster Blanket crochet pattern. She makes a GREAT point. ALWAYS check the pattern for the completed size of the blanket- especially if you really want a full bedspread. Thanks, Marcy!- “Well, I followed it as written until I realized it was too short [for a full], so I added identical borders (at right angles) on each end to lengthen it and then made a whole-afghan border all the way around to tie it together. In summary, though, I had so much yarn that it became big enough for a King-sized bed, though my picture is shown on a Queen. Full story is at my blog. I liked that I could use up so much random yarn and that it was fairly easy, although I kept messing up the sc/hdc cycle (I am too used to using dc). My only suggestion would be to figure out what the best starting-chain length SHOULD be, since 72 is not really long enough for a bed spread.” Glad you figured that out and solved your problem! It's really pretty. Success!
Find the Striped Stash Buster Blanket crochet pattern here:


You've read some great tips and seen some lovely work here. Let's give them a Round of Applause through the comments, shall we? I love seeing your work! Thank you so much to everyone who submitted. Please continue to submit your pics (from my patterns) so I can share them here.

Also, if you are a designer and would like your work and links featured, please email me at SimplyCollectibleCrochet@ gmail[dot]com